Singapores Safest New Cars - According to Jek Ray

Jek Ray Low
8 Jul 2020

When it comes to safety, too much of it will always be better than it be lacking when you need it the most. However, objectively classifying the level of safety in a car is actually harder than you might have expected. Differences in market variants and testing methods can yield drastically different results for even the most identical of cars.

For the purposes of this article, data has been pulled from EuroNCAP, and cross referenced with information gathered by America’s IIHS where possible, for added accuracy. Without further ado, here are the safest new cars that you can buy in Singapore today!

Mazda 3

Our review of the Mazda 3 is here!

The Mazda 3 has been awarded a score of 98% for Adult Occupant Protection (AOP) in an accident, with a lowest score of adequate for the driver’s legs. It’s less-than-stellar score of 87% for Child Occupant Protection (COP), may put off would-be parents, but the lacklustre score is attributed to Mazda only adopting the isofix standards, and only on the rear passenger seats. It actually scored full marks for child protection in an actual accident. It does handsomely for protecting pedestrians in a collision as well!

Mercedes CLA

Mercedes-benz CLA review!

Cross referencing data from both testing institutes, the CLA has an excellent AOP score of 96%. COP scores are at 91%, which, like the Mazda, is caused by Mercedes only fitting isofix anchors to the vehicle itself. This is actually a recurring theme throughout all the cars listed in this article, with only one vehicle being equipped with a second anchor system for child seats.

Autonomous Emergency Braking systems are effective in most testing scenarios.

Premium Executive
Lexus ES

Our review of the Lexus ES is here!

The ES remains unfazed in the face of the daunting tests both institutes could have thrown at it. The notorious small frontal overlap test conducted by the IIHS, which tests the strength of the bodyshell as the car is sent into barrier with only its A pillar being aligned with the barrier itself, sees the Lexus offering excellent protection to its occupants without any significant deformation.

EuroNCAP gave the car an AOP of 91%, scoring full marks in child protection in a crash, but having points docked as a result of only having one car seat anchor standard onboard. Its anti-crash systems perform well too, with an overall score of 77%.

Large Luxury
Audi A6

Our review of the A6!

The A6 has an AOP rating of 93%, with no significant risk of injury in a collision at highway speeds. Its COP rating is at 85%, marked down probably due to the risk of risk of injury to a child’s neck in more severe collisions, and the adoption of only the isofix standard. EuroNCAP probably did give the A6 bonus marks for being able to option isofix mounts for the front seat as well.

Otherwise, crash protection is to be expected of an Audi, with a vastly superior crash avoidance system to any other car in this list.

Small SUV
Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester Review!

The Forester has been awarded an AOP score of 97%, with a COP score of 91%. The rear seats have been sculpted to be effective in guarding against whiplash, and bonus props have been given for an effective anti-collision system that prevents the car from getting involved in an accident that can cause said injury in the first place.

The lack of anchor standards other than isofix means a points reduction, but as is the norm with the other cars in the list, actual protection is excellent!

Large SUV
Seat Tarraco

SEAT Tarraco Review!

The SEAT Tarraco is the safest large SUV that EuroNCAP tested last year. AOP scores of 97% and COP of 84%, mean that occupants are sufficiently protected even in severe collisions. The car comes equipped with 2 anchor standards as per a couple of the other German-derived models in this list.

It's Volkswagen-derived safety systems also perform well, effectively stopping the car from having avoidable collisions autonomously.

Sports Car

BMW Z4 review!

You want your sports car to be rigid for superior handling on spirited drives. However, the added stiffness has a welcomed side-effect - superior crash protection. This is backed up by impressive AOP scores, considering the Z4 is a convertible, of 97%, with a COP of 87%. Unusually, it is the only car in this list to offer 2 anchor standards - isofix as with the other cars in this list, and i-Size as well.

Pedestrian protection is good too - the Z4 comes equipped with an active bonnet, which uses pyro charges to rapidly active springs in the hinges to allow for a more gradual deceleration in the event of a collision with a passer-by.

SEAT Alhambra/Volkswagen Sharan

Review of the SEAT!

The SEAT Alhambra and Volkswagen Sharan twins may only have an AOP score of 89%, and a COP score of 78%, but that score is still mighty impressive, considering the car was originally designed in the 2010s.

Probably because they are more family-oriented and thus child-friendly, the duo will come with isofix and i-Size mounts. The anti-crash systems fitted to the pair performs worse than systems in other vehicles, but we aren’t sure if that is a fault with the system itself, or could it stem from the fact that these vehicles were never natively designed with these systems in mind, instead having such systems added on at a later phase in its lifecycle.

Citroen Space Tourer/Peugeot Traveller/Toyota Proace

The trio of vans share the same structure and mechanical underpinnings, with only minor cosmetic changes to distinguish between the vehicles. EuroNCAP crash tested the Peugeot variant, and it returned an overall AOP of 87, and a COP of 91. This makes it the only vehicle in our list that is safer for passengers in the rear than for those up front.

The test vehicle lacks any any autonomous or anti-collision measures fitted, but can be fitted as an optional extra. Commercial vehicles are traditionally less safe as compared to their passenger car counterparts, so such a score is commendable!

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