Why Eco-Fuels Are More Sustainable In The Short Term

Jek Ray Low
29 Oct 2020

You do not need to feel overly guilty about not going hybrid or electric for your next car.

Carbon capture technology is maturing as we speak. Companies spearheading development in this field promise to create synthetic fuels, created by the capture and subsequent conversion of ambient carbon dioxide, back into a hydrocarbon that is suitable for use in an internal combustion engine.

When these factories do scale up production to meet global demands, we could, in theory, have completely carbon-neutral fuels, created using these novel new systems, in a series of chemical reactions powered by the sun. This means we could still keep using our Internal Combustion Engined cars, and not all be forced to switch to electric power, and here's why that's more sustainable, at least in the short term!

4. Less Reliance On Exotic Metals

There are many components that make up an EV's battery pack. A lot of the metal in said pack comes from mines in third world nations, and the process of extracting these metals from ores creates huge amounts of pollution, poisoning local water sources and harming the health of the locals.

BMW insists on Cobolt extracted by hand, since it is less damaging to the environment - Photo: BMW

Also, once these rare-earth metals have been discovered underneath the surface of a plot of land, the flora and fauna growing on top of it would have to be bulldozed for the mining process to begin. This means that what was supposed to be a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way of getting about, can actually harm the environment more greatly in the short term!

3. Reduced Emissions From New Car Production

There are close to a million cars plying our roads today. Vast amounts of energy and resources will have to be invested should we all decide to go EV at once. The existing cars on the roads will have to be dismantled, harmful fluids properly treated, and the shells of the cars crushed and recycled. New EVs will then have to be manufactured to replace said vehicles.

A more gradual adoption of EVs will be more sustainable in the long run. As cars naturally reach the end of their lifecycle, and as automakers switch to more environmentally friendly ways to power their manufacturing plants, the emissions from replacing an older vehicle with a newer one should come down significantly!

2. Buys Time For Infrastructure Maturity

The EV charging network is still in its infancy. Fast chargers, though becoming increasingly available, are still few and far between, and often only located in commercial developments. EV charging points in residential developments are available, but are typically of an older charging standard, yielding intolerable charge times and thus isn't the most practical solution.

As such, the adoption of eco-fuels for the time being, will allow increased funding, and more energy players, to enter the market, and to significantly beef up our infrastructure in preparation for mass adoption of EVs.

1. Preservation Of The Driving Experience

We all know that in every quantifiable way, a modern EV is a better all-rounder. They have more torque, and this pulling power comes on the instant to touch the throttle. This means instant acceleration to catch up to gaps in traffic. EVs are also cheaper to run, easier to drive, and can be quicker than most of its contemporaries.

However, as fossil fuels dwindle, we will eventually be forced to adopt electrical power as a means of propulsion. As such, anything that can prolong the visceral experience of an ICE car, can only be a good thing. Afterall, once we do go electric, intake and exhaust noises, manual gearboxes, and the satisfaction of a perfectly-executed heel-and-toe will all go the way of the dodo.

We believe in embracing an all-electric future. Afterall, there’s a reason why rule makers and car manufacturers alike are shifting towards electrons for propulsion. Still, mass and rapid adoption can, in the short term at least, overwhelm the already vulnerable habitats and populations around the mines, leading to greater, long term harm.

As such, actually sticking to just fossil fuels for now, even without any new-fangled biofuel or eco-fuel, can actually be more beneficial in preserving our environment. You do not need to feel overly guilty about not going hybrid or electric for your next car. Our classified happens to be a great resource if you’re out car hunting. With thousands of listings already live, and with new ones added daily, there definitely is something for everyone at every price point!

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