GetGo - Revolutionising Our Relationship With Cars!

Jek Ray Low
5 Apr 2021

Our robust public transit network and the COVID-induced work-from-home climate we find ourselves in means that we are less reliant on our own cars than ever before. Owning a vehicle means being subject to the depreciation, even if your car sits idle at your HDB carpark.

Suffering this depreciation only to use the car on occasion simply does not make fiscal sense. But if you are not quite ready to rely solely on private-hire cars and public transport to get around in, and would still like the convenience of a car, you should seriously consider trying out GetGo.

Perks Of Having Access To A Vehicle

There are luxuries only afforded by the access of a car. Sure, taxis and buses can shuttle you from place to place, but you will have to lug around your personal belongings and your shopping as well. If you have a car, these items can be deposited in your boot, leaving your hands free. Your spine will thank you for not subjecting it to repeated loading too.

Privacy is also another factor to consider – nothing beats being driven around in, or by, close friends and family. You do not have to share a space with strangers when you have your own ride!

Car Sharing – The Panacea To Your Transportation Woes?

We have done many articles on the pros of car sharing. It offers you the benefits of your own car, but with none of the (financial) drawbacks. You pay only for the duration you need the car for!

GetGo makes this easier, with an app that allows you to book your car without fuss, or the need for interaction, simply makes for a cleaner user experience.

GetGo's Easy-To-Use App!

Car sharing company GetGo wants to revolutionise the way we use cars in this country. From ease of picking up and dropping off, and the transparency that many of us would like to have in renting a car.

Using GetGo

GetGo’s approach to streamlining the car-sharing process, simply means that you get access to your vehicle even quicker. This streamlining is taken very seriously; an example to this dedication is the instant account approval if you sign up via SingPass! You do not have to pair your account to a CEPAS card or wait for a membership card to be mailed to you - all you need is your smartphone… and that is it!

The Toyota Sienta We Got to Go with... Get it? Get it?

The user interface has been built to be easy-to-use. Just think the locations of stations, car availability as well as your selected rental duration; that simple. They have also built in a link to your preferred navigation app to help guide you to where you need to head towards!
Isn’t it great when you do not have to jump through hoops just to unlock your vehicle? For GetGo, you are only required to report any obvious damage that you spot. If there is no damage to the car, you have the option of unlocking the vehicle with your phone to start the rental!

Driving Their Cars

Unlike their peers, GetGo has opted to operate a standardised fleet of tried-and-tested cars. You have the choice of a 5-seater in the form of a Mazda 3, or a 7-seater in the form of a Toyota Sienta. If you prefer to drive a compact SUV, a Ssangyong Tivoli will be made available for rental in the not-too-distant future too!

What this means, is that you can simply drive off in their cars without having to adapt to any quirks of a more left-field vehicle. Our car for our evening out was spotless inside and smelled clean.

Ending Your Rental

Returning the car is just as easy as picking it up, and the process is literally the reverse of the latter. You simply pair your phone to the car again, declare any potential damage you may have caused during your rental (if there is none you can skip ahead), and then lock the car to end the rental!

One of the things we liked was that the fuel costs have already been factored into the rental fee, meaning that you need not worry about filling the tank to the predetermined level.

The Overall Experience

For those who do not need the use of a car so often, GetGo is a good alternative to car ownership. It offers you reliable access to a car when you need it, and is probably the most straightforward, Point A-To-A rental service locally. With no additional penalties levied for minor infringements, you can rest easy after returning their vehicles!

The cars are also well maintained and have exceptionally low mileage. With pros like this, you would be hard pressed to find an alternative mode of transportation, private car or public transport, that offers you the same level of privacy, comfort and peace of mind for the price.

If you are considering making the switch to using car sharing for your commutes, do give GetGo a try! Their app is available for both iOS and Android. New users can also enjoy $5 off their first ride with the code - GETGO5OFF.


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