Rikecool Presents XPEL - Probably The Best Paint Protection Films For Your Car

Oneshift Editorial Team
11 Oct 2021

One of the major considerations to car owners, especially for those with new cars, is how best to ensure that their precious paint coats are kept in pristine condition.

Many of us would have well experienced situations where small stones are kicked up by larger vehicles contacting our bodywork, while we hope that there are no chips in our paintwork. Even the simple act of travelling down a road with a construction site in close-proximity, may subject the front-facing parts of your vehicle suffering the effects of debris embedded into the paintwork. Not only would your car’s paint surfaces become rougher, but over time, the effects of the damage could even result in nasty peeling.

Furthermore, our tree-lined country is quite the ideal environment for a large bird population. Any upward-facing surfaces of your car are at the receiving end of this acidic waste, which if not removed quickly, would actually be aggressive enough to eat into our paint coats; and in severe cases the damage, irreversible.

But what if you could keep your precious ride looking like new for its lifetime? Not only will you save on time fussing over keeping your vehicle clean, but have peace of mind travelling over sandy stretches or when parking under a tree.

XPEL is a film protection system, formulated to form a transparent but robust defensive layer over your car’s paint surfaces and even your headlamps and interior.


Forming a slick surface that is virtually invisible, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS offers protection to your paintwork where the likes of bird droppings and road tar can be easily removed with a few sweeps of a cloth. 

With self-healing technology, minor scratches and even harsh swirl marks from the effects of constant washing will simply disappear under our tropical sun within minutes, leaving the surface smooth, with a mirror-like finish. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is formulated to withstand the test of time without yellowing, while its Edge Seal Technology will ensure that delamination and lifting is a thing of the past.


Satin paint finishes are known to be challenging to upkeep, and repair work can be next to impossible, since this often involves a re-coating of the affected panel.  

XPEL STEALTH satin paint protection film is a self-healing application that is highly resistant to stone chips and virtually disappears on most surfaces. XPEL STEALTH repairs itself under our tropical heat, ensuring a uniformly-smooth satin finish.

XPEL Interior Protection

XPEL does not stop at just paint protection. Infotainment screens are becoming increasingly larger, and we are beginning to see more piano black surfaces. XPEL interior protection film provides damage protection from the impact of sharp objects and swirls from cleaning. 

It is also never too late, if you are in the middle of your car ownership journey. The protective film’s adhesive layer covers fine scratches, leaving surfaces looking like new.

XPEL Headlamp Protection Film

Currently, most cars have polycarbonate lenses for their lights, which succumb easily to stone chips.

XPEL Headlamp Protection Film is highly resistant to abrasion from road debris, which not only in prolonging the life of your lights, but helps in maintaining clarity.

If you love your car, find out more about XPEL’s protective film coatings today!

XPEL paint protection films are covered by a one year warranty.

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