COE 2022 Bidding Dates & Schedule - Find Them Out Here!

James Wong
4 Jan 2022

The most bids are usually put in at the last few minutes of the close of the auction, so don’t be fooled if you check in a few hours before!

Those interested in buying a car would be looking at COE prices more than the stock market or latest crypto chart. If you’re in the game too, then you’d need to find out exactly when the auctions begin and end and that’s what you can see below.

There are two auctions every month that roughly coincide with the start and at the middle of the month, or every fortnight. The auctions start like clockwork on alternate Mondays at 12pm and will close two days after at 4pm. For instance, if the auction starts on 3 January 2022, Monday, it ends on 5 January 2022, Wednesday at 4pm.

The only exceptions this year are 2 May 2022 and 16 May 2022, which are public holidays. Therefore the start dates are shifted to 4 May 2022 and 17 May 2022 respectively.

The most bids are usually put in at the last few minutes of the close of the auction, so don’t be fooled if you check in a few hours before!

2022 is expected to be a year where COE is set to trend higher. If you wish to sell your car for the highest price, head over here where we will help you get the best quotes from our network of 500+ dealers in Singapore. Or if you prefer to do-it-yourself, list your car for sale on Carousell to thousands of direct car buyers. Make your decision quickly, for the next downcycle will likely only happen a few years later. It’s generally cyclical and surprisingly predictable.


Vehicle Quota System 

Schedule of COE Open Bidding Exercises 

From January to December 2022 

Month Start Date / Time End Date / Time
January (1st) 3 Jan 2022 (Mon) 5 Jan 2022 (Wed)
January (2nd) 17 Jan 2022 (Mon) 19 Jan 2022 (Wed)
February (1st) 7 Feb 2022 (Mon) 9 Feb 2022 (Wed)
February (2nd) 21 Feb 2022 (Mon) 23 Feb 2022 (Wed)
March (1st) 7 Mar 2022 (Mon) 9 Mar 2022 (Wed)
March (2nd) 21 Mar 2022 (Mon) 23 Mar 2022 (Wed)
April (1st) 4 Apr 2022 (Mon) 6 Apr 2022 (Wed)
April (2nd) 18 Apr 2022 (Mon) 20 Apr 2022 (Wed)
May (1st) 4 May 2022 (Wed) 6 May 2022 (Fri)*
May (2nd) 17 May 2022 (Tue) 19 May 2022 (Thu)**
June (1st) 6 Jun 2022 (Mon) 8 Jun 2022 (Wed)
June (2nd) 20 Jun 2022 (Mon) 22 Jun 2022 (Wed)
July (1st) 4 Jul 2022 (Mon) 6 Jul 2022 (Wed)
July (2nd) 18 Jul 2022 (Mon) 20 Jul 2022 (Wed)
August (1st) 1 Aug 2022 (Mon) 3 Aug 2022 (Wed)
August (2nd) 15 Aug 2022 (Mon) 17 Aug 2022 (Wed)
September (1st) 5 Sep 2022 (Mon) 7 Sep 2022 (Wed)
September (2nd) 19 Sep 2022 (Mon) 21 Sep 2022 (Wed)
October (1st) 3 Oct 2022 (Mon) 5 Oct 2022 (Wed)
October (2nd) 17 Oct 2022 (Mon) 19 Oct 2022 (Wed)
November (1st) 7 Nov 2022 (Mon) 9 Nov 2022 (Wed)
November (2nd) 21 Nov 2022 (Mon) 23 Nov 2022 (Wed)
December (1st) 5 Dec 2022 (Mon) 7 Dec 2022 (Wed)
December (2nd) 19 Dec 2022 (Mon) 21 Dec 2022 (Wed)


* Monday, 2 May 2022, is a public holiday, in lieu of Labour Day which falls on Sunday,  1 May 2022. Tuesday, 3 May 2022, is a public holiday – Hari Raya Puasa. 

** Monday, 16 May 2022, is a public holiday, in lieu of Vesak Day which falls on Sunday, 15 May 2022


*Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels



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