Let's Mini!

Raymond Lai
27 May 2010

Mini shows its fun side once again at the recent Minifesto event

100 percent Mini

On the weekend of 15th - 16th May, MINI power invaded the f1 pit building and the surrounding grounds for the Minifesto event, Singapore‟s very own official MINI festival. It was a fun filled weekend for the invited guests and members of the public, with all sorts of activities and action entertaining them whole day long.

The event saw the debut of two Singapore only special edition MINIs - the Loft and the Stratford. Both have characteristic design and features, with their names bearing special meanings.

The MINI Cooper Loft represents a yardstick in terms of functionality, practicality and the use of space since the original Minis. And therefore, the direct relation to lofts which are the latest in new type of design and high-class living style in cities. Lofts are usually refurbished storeys or basements in buildings, which have been restored and modified for a better use of space. The MINI Cooper Loft is re- designed to perfect the present style. It cuts a dashing figure with the V-shaped bonnet stripes and Ray Cloth/ Leather upholstery with matching colour lines.

The name „Stratford‟ is the union between “street” and “ford” (a river crossing) and was originally applied to two adjacent villages. Today, Stratford is also one of the major centres of London that will be hosting the Olympic Games 2012. As such, the MINI Stratford with its adjacent blue and red or black and silver Stratford stripes extending from the bonnet to the roof and the boot, coupled with distinctive Stratford side scuttles and entry door sills symbolizes a combination of new, futuristic and eye-catching design.

The MINI Cooper Loft offers engine output of 122hp, with as much as 3 percent lower CO2 emission. This model comes with the newly introduced Ray cloth leather combination, which is available in two colours – Cream White, Carbon Black and Rooster Red, and Carbon Black – bringing MINI customisation to a whole new level.

The updated design coupled with an upgraded 1.6 litre engine grants the MINI Stratford with fascinating agility in combination with exemplary fuel economy and emission management. Besides an improved acceleration through a new 98 hp four-cylinder engine, the MINI Stratford‟s combined cycle fuel consumption further complies to the EU standard with just 6.7 litres/100km and a CO2 rating of 156 grams per kilometre. As a result, the MINI Stratford provides a more powerful yet cleaner drive. The MINI Stratford which comes in two colours - in pepper white and chilli red - comes with special side scuttles, door entry sills and strips on the bonnet, roof and boot, as standard features.

In addition to the new model showcase, visiters to Minifesto were able to take part in activities like a Driving Challenge, RC car challenge, go karting as well as having the company of MINI rally champion Rauno Aaltonen. The Finn made his mark in the rallying world with a MINI way back in 1967 by winning the Monte Carlo Rally. These days, Rauno is an official MINI ambassador. Despite his grey hair and grandpa looks, the chatty Finn can certainly hustle a MINI with vigour as proven on the demo runs he did on the handling course.

For some though, the driving challenge was the highlight of the event. Here, the participants had the opportunity to put MINI models round a slalom course to experience the handling and agility of the small wonders followed by driving through a car wash with MINI babes wiping the cars dry right after.

Minifasto once again showcased MINI's fun factor as well as the cult status these little cars have garnered since the original model appeared half acentury ago.


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