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Very handsome car

Reviewed on 15 Apr 2009 4:56PM
Reviewed by: NightCruizer
Duration of car driven: Test Drove Once Only

The Review

Had to test drive the car as I'm drive the outgoing Lancer. Mitsubishi had yet again created a good looking and sporty vehicle. The car feels huge and more luxurious and the many optional extras like rain-sensing wipers and automatic headlights are welcome additions. Steering the vehicle was also a breeze as the steering wheel was light. However, the car felt pretty heavy and acceleration from a standstill was pretty lacklustre. Read from some magazine that this car uses a similar (if not the same) engine as the Colt 1.5 Mivec engine block. Lancer EX weighs around 1260kg while Colt is 1050kg. The extra weight definitely needs extra fuel and a heavier right foot to propel the car forward. Also, the sound insulation was pretty poor. I'd heard the newer batch of Lancer EX have much better sound insulation but I've yet to try it out. Gotta go test-drive the 2litre GT to see the differences.


-sporty good looks
-many extra 'automatic' gadgets


-heavy body leads to slower pickup speed
-cheap interior plastics
-moderate sound insulation