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It has class leading
qualities but pardon
the small engine

Reviewed on 17 May 2009 7:07PM
Reviewed by: noobsie23
Similar cars tried: Honda Civic, Mazda 3, Toyota Vios, Altis, Camry
Fuel consumption: 12.5 km/litre
Duration of car driven: 1 year

The Review

I have been driving this beauty for a year. In terms of outlook, it's definitely made for the younger crowd. With aggressive lines, sweeping taillights and full body kit this car looks fierce enough to eat you up on the road. Some might say the car is put together with a hybrid of designs more noticeably that of Volvo's and Lexus's but Mitsubishi has actually gone a little back into their history because the car actually resembles a little of the old galant model of the 90s. Interior wise there's no doubt about the huge room space for both driver and passengers. My passengers sometimes jokingly said it's even bigger than the sonata taxis. The dashboard is simple and neatly laid out and the leather seats come with double colour stitching which adds to the upmarket feel. The car consoles are illuminated with a sporty red colour which really makes the car's interior stand out at night. Equipment wise this car has things that cars of similar class are lacking. It comes with auto headlight, auto rain sensor, keyless entry,.reverse metric sensor which makes you a really lazy person because all you have to do is to step on the gas. It also makes a lot of noises when you forget your doors or seat belts. Sadly if Mitsubishi is able to equip this car with things like refrigerated glovebox, keyless boot access etc how could they have forgotten about something as simple as an auto folding side mirror. Driving the car is a pleasant experience despite what most people complain about. The car lacks the pickup due to the heavy weight of the car and the small engine size. It is not the most refined of engines out there but the rev tone is definitely not whiny when you floor it hard. The engine is not the most responsive of cars I have driven but looking on the economy side it does help to save quite a bit of fuel in the long run. The car is heavy but the suspension set up and the tyres did very well to cushion the car over uneven road which makes the ride very comfortable. The Lancer EX 's engine noise do protrude into the cabin during the 1st 2 gears when picking up but once it is cruising, the cabin is dead silent. Overtaking on highway is effortless too. The average fuel consumption I achieved over the past year is pegged at about 12.5-13km/liter. I am not the gentlest of driver and my driving pattern is about 60-40. It is quite impressive for a car this big. Lastly some people complain about a buzzing noise even at idling speed and I was one of them. But the problem was simply the reverse metric sensor being placed too close to the front windscreen causing it to vibrate against the windscreen every time you rev the engine. Hope it help some fellow owners too.


Sporty look, Huge interior space, Loads of equipment


Slow pick up for the 1.5 model, NO AUTO FOLDING SIDE MIRRORS!

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Responded on: 18 May 2009 11:57AM

Sadly. I heard that there will be a proton Waja Verion coming in 2010. If not it will be a good car to consider. asdzds