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Best 2 Litre
Executive Sedan

Reviewed on 7 Nov 2009 9:03PM
Reviewed by: adityamanutd
Similar cars tried: Honda Accord
Toyota Camry
Fuel consumption: 10 km/litre
Drive pattern: It has 2 trip computers which calculates average fuel consumption automatically. I set one on monthly and the other on weekly.
Duration of car driven: Less than 1 month

The Review

The car was delivered on October 21st. And I have been in love with this car. It comes with standard cruise control, 2 memory seats with electronic adjustment for both the driver and the passenger, comes with electronic parking brake, and automatic lights, rain wipers and volume control. The ride quality is super smooth thanks to Citroen's HydraActive 3, hydro-pneumatic suspension. It's also a very smooth car and you can barely hear anything even with no radio on. It's also very spacious at the back and the seats are superb. The only thing that's bugging is the lack of drink holders in the front and that the engine could have been more powerful, other than that, this is the best executive sedan in the market hands down. Beats Accord and Toyota. And is nearly on the same level as the E Class and the 5 Series. And for its ride comfort, I would say almost, if not better than the S Class and 7 Series.


Ride Comfort almost as good as S Class.
Extremely quiet ride, barely any noise.
Standard Set of Equipment, very good.


The engine can be more powerful