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Reviewed on 16 Apr 2010 4:36AM
Reviewed by: kinhongmah
Similar cars tried: none.
But my next car would be a 1.4l supercharge or 1.8l turbo engine.
Fuel consumption: 8 km/litre
Drive pattern: Travel Route daily : to or from Pasir Ris Drive 3 - Loyang Way, Dist=~7km. 90% road, 14 traffic lights, time taken 10~13 mins. take lane 1.

Driving Style : Rev it to 4000~4200 rpm at starting, till reaches >70Kpm, slowly release the accelerator to fully release it, judging fr about >100m away fr stopping pt.
Duration of car driven: More than 3 years

The Review

clock 75000km/5yr For 1st time car owner, it is a good start to learn about car features, performance, setup. mod car intake , use simota filter + air guide, become more responsive at the tap of the accelerator, but when climbing & down steep slope at genting highland, cope up, smell engine burn out at down slope at 3rd gear, slow acceleration at up slope. wonder what it would like if mod the exhaust legally. Any Nissan Owner want to sell your _Fox Exhaust Pipe?


Engine is quiet at idling.
Just nice to ferry wife, 2 kids below 7 & 2 yrs old.
Big Boot, put in 1 car seat, baby tramp, wheel chair, amazing.
Nice setup at straight Highway traveling at 90kpm.


cause jerk for the first 5mins during gear change fr 1 - 2.
hard braking at stopping, need v.good control at it.
slow over taking at 40~70rpm.
take good control at cornering, under steer.