The Art of the Steal - Gone In 10 Seconds

Move over, Nicholas Cage. 60 seconds is too old and too slow!

2 Nov 2015
Scott-Ducati anyone has lobang to install a kill switch?
8 Feb 2016
5 Common Mistakes When Buying A Parallel Imported Car In Singapore

Buying for a new car for CNY? Here is what to avoid when shopping at parallel importers (PI).

30 Nov 2015
5 Hidden Costs Of Owning A Car In Singapore

What are some hidden costs of car ownership? Check them out here.

9 Nov 2015
How To Get A Good Deal On Oneshift

Find just the car you've been waiting for!

2 Nov 2015
5 Singaporean Car Financing Schemes/Scams

What are you really getting yourself into?

2 Nov 2015
Diesels or Hybrids?

Which suits your driving pattern better?

2 Nov 2015
5 Ways Singaporean Motor Insurers Reject Your Claim

A rejected claim is every driver’s worst nightmare. Here’s 5 ways it could happen.

2 Nov 2015
Before Customs: Car Check List

Before Customs: Car Check List

8 Jun 2015

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8 Apr 2015
28 Apr 2016