F1: Hamilton wins in Monza

Mercedes’ social media reps called the 2015 Italian Grand Prix a ‘bittersweet’ race. That couldn’t be a more apt term, for whilst Lewis Hamilton piloted his #44 W06 to ...

7 Sep 2015
JakeTheSnake Briliant drive by Lewis though, perfection pulled away from Vettel and built up a  12-second lead in 20 laps. The most dominate drive since Australia. Good midfield action as well man.
8 Sep 2015
If anyone is looking for where to pay fines or renew licences at LTA, HDB, URA, etc. Use the following link for almost anything singaporean.


20 Dec 2009
wwiliam654 hi..........................
25 Aug 2012
I agree, this is really awesome!:) Having an online site where we can do stuff like the renewal of license and paying fines is a great help and will save us time. On the other hand, I'd like to sha...
20 Nov 2012
29 Nov 2012
redletterboxed Yup! Thanks for sharing.
Heard from my bro that paying ERP fine online also have discount. Check it out at the link below!

19 May 2014
loltrim very good, thanks
25 Jun 2014
JakeTheSnake Thanks Evan, good link to have makes it so much easier to pay bills.
6 Sep 2015
aaradaa hii iam araadaa
3 Jun 2016
aaradaa This is an unfortunate situation. Did you do a PDI before allowing him to register the car? How bad are the dents and which dealer/manufacturer is this?

3 Jun 2016
aaradaa hii,

welcome to this forum site ,here you can find lots of things ,suggest you for your question you have to contact any other expert right now in have no knowledge about your qury sorry for t...
3 Jun 2016
Anyone tried to be a Grabcar or Uber driver before? If so have any helpful information on it? Did it work out for you? Or which one you think is better.

6 Sep 2015
Esso launches improved petrol formulation in Singapore

Esso service stations in Singapore will be launching an improved petrol formulation with increased additive to help improve engine performan...

6 Jul 2015
JakeTheSnake This is interesting, thanks alot for psoting this. 
5 Sep 2015
Scott-Ducati they cut back on citi rebates.
12 Sep 2015
Daveyap Can we really take their word for it that their petrol is better than the rest of the competition based on empirical evidence alone without independent testing?

20 Dec 2015
Scott-Ducati Still prefer vpower though.
8 Feb 2016

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4 Sep 2015
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