I'm looking to get my first car together with my gf, and we're looking for a car to get us around on weekends/after work.

So far, I've test driven the Peugeot 107, Honda Jazz, Suzuki Swift 1.5, ...

9 Nov 2007
MnM yo Tabby, budget different 5k in between can affect alot of aspect of buying car, believe me, it will make you spinning around your decision.

-for safety, IMO theres no any family car in this wo...
13 Nov 2007
lchuanglr hi tabby. welcome!
was in your position just a mth ago, and I was comparing the swift vs the honda fit (jazz). got the fit in the end, and i'm quite happy with it now. my personal feel is...

14 Nov 2007
lchuanglr oh forgot to add, my real life FC is about 16km/L (odo at 1600+ km only!), but I drive on expressways 80% of the time. read somewhere that if you do alot of city start-stop driving, the DSI engine ...
14 Nov 2007
ckyc Hi man,

I'm like you, 2 weeks ago I was also deciding on Latio or Jazz (swift was eliminated because of personal reason) The pros and cons are pretty obvious and you need to admit that these are...
22 Nov 2007
Tabby_N Haha.. yes, we chose the Latio Sport in the end as well, and we got our COE this round! So waiting to do the registration paperwork soon! =D
22 Nov 2007
ckyc Cool, same same i also got my COE yesterday,
22 Nov 2007
Roj Congrats guys!
22 Nov 2007
ec1809 Why not consider the new Subaru Impreza 5D 1.5R. The design is nice. It looks like the Ford Focus ST. I just booked mine. waiting for the new car to come. Power wise not bad. Using DOHC engine with...
3 Dec 2007

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9 Nov 2007
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