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14 Jul 2009
ifconfig is that twitter link having some issues?
27 Aug 2010
Cool thanks!
26 Sep 2012
JazzaTeo Quote:
"Formerly posted by ifconfig: is that twitter link having some issues?

I don't think so, I tried it and it works fine
27 Sep 2012
Adonissg Thanks. I am relatively new to this forum. I have found this site very informative. Very helpful indeed.
21 Oct 2014
gloriatorios This is very good thank you
11 Dec 2014
Merylle522 Thanks!
8 Aug 2016
We are turning 3 years in an Automotive Business. Unfortunately, we are now dealing with some problems. Its all about our operations and auto supplies. For that incident, individuals can be account...

3 Aug 2016
LinnetEdgar If you really want to improve your sales and performance you can have your company ISO certified. It will definitely enhance customer satisfaction and improved customer loyalty leading to repeat bu...
7 Aug 2016
Merylle522 I totally agree Linnet but how do we do that when there's a lot of bad things that are currently occuring. One of our IT staff suggested that we use a software that would help us improve on quality...
8 Aug 2016
Audi Reveals New Audi Q2

“We are proud to be building the Q family entry model for the world market” - Albert Mayer

Series production for Audi's newest family car, the Audi Q2 has already starte...

14 Jul 2016
Merylle522 Apparently yes! New Audi Q2 is quite a big hit in the market! I heard about the safety systems and technologically advanced engines and its fuel economy. By the way, I'll be reading more of the car...
3 Aug 2016
Hi everyone

18 Apr 2015
MagdalenSoules Hi! A newbie here.  Looking forward to a good discussion with you guys.
8 Mar 2016
19 May 2016
Merylle522 Hi to all. Great to have met you here! I guess, I'll be learning and getting new ideas from you all. By the way, I just started and wanting some of your skills about cars and business stuff too. Th...
3 Aug 2016
LinnetEdgar Hello, a newbie here also, glad to have joined this forum. Looking forward to learn from all of you here
7 Aug 2016

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3 Aug 2016
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