This is an open discussion for the news Fill up that dreaded white card!

"After 8 months of hassle free travelling, Malaysia has re-implemented the use of the troublesome white card.

All foreigne...

15 Aug 2008
joycelym Errrr... so as of now, we can use the existing "Old" white card?
15 Aug 2008
Jarvis yupz!
15 Aug 2008
EdmundSng ?????

if we have no house in Malaysia how?

can put "Shell"?
15 Aug 2008
LMLP640 must state address!!! wtf.... If only go in for few hours only then put what address???
16 Aug 2008
haffisx this is bad..waste time. How the hell do i know what address is there in jb. If havin dinner or supper so have to write down the makan place address eg 'Danga Bay Singgah Slalu Rest'..crazy
16 Aug 2008
iNDS there you go again...fill up that white card...
Hopefully the petrol are also not consistance...

Captain Fly!!!
17 Aug 2008
Jackboss2416 Malaysia always like to do thing backward and since 8 months without white card to be fill up also have no big problems create by Singaporean in Malaysia too. So I think is time to get some money f...
18 Aug 2008
This is an open discussion for the news Nissan previews All-around

"Two all-new technologies introduced: Side Collision Prevention and Back-up Collision Prevention

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd has unve...

8 Aug 2008
neutral Accident prevention should be focus on the alertness of the driver. Putting so much technologies into car to prevent accidents may eventually create over reliance on technologies. When the system f...
8 Aug 2008
Jarvis perhaps if you view the technologies as complimenting the driver; like an additional layer of protection just in case the driver misses something when he/she is on the roads.

But you do have a ...
8 Aug 2008
Jackboss2416 With so many sensor added, it will give you more BEEPING! whenever you want to corner, reverse and also driving. Sound very irritating and not worth while! They should put in place computerize driv...
8 Aug 2008
domino88 If the bank robbers' get-away car has these features, they'll be in trouble getting away. Ha ha!
8 Aug 2008
LMLP640 I would still save up more to buy a volvo instead
9 Aug 2008

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