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Well, you could play your part by making it a whole lot easier for us. 

We have compiled a couple of photos that will show you the exact places that we will be lookin...

18 Jan 2013
johnbenedict Yes we welcome motorbikes as well! Please go ahead and take part.
23 Jan 2013
Fndsgp Hi! I've actually sent twice requesting the car decal. Any chance getting one soon?
21 Feb 2013
Fndsgp Hi! I've actually sent twice requesting the car decal. Any chance getting one soon.
21 Feb 2013
johnbenedict Hi Fendy,

Thank you for your message.

Apologies for the long wait. We had to reorder a new batch of decals because we ran out.

Now that the order has arrived, I have personally made sure...
21 Feb 2013
kevinkkm Hi! like Fendy I've actually sent twice requesting the car decal. Any chance getting one soon.

Thanks and best regards,
25 Feb 2013
johnbenedict Hi Kevin,

Thanks for letting us know! We will send one to you immediately.

Apologies for the long wait.

Best Regards
26 Feb 2013
drkedge Hi John, I have yet to receive the new car decal too although my request submission have been weeks ago. Please advise thanks!
26 Feb 2013
johnbenedict Hi drkegde,

Its on its way! Apologies for the long wait.

1 Mar 2013
Edwin1406 Hi john, I too requested for the car decal very much earlier but it never came... care to check?
5 Apr 2013
johnbenedict Hi Edwin,

Would it be possible to send me your details to my email: john.tay@oneshift.com so that I may verify your posting address?

I will just need your full name and email address.

17 Apr 2013
Local News: Aviva Looks At Insurance Myths

Aviva Singapore shed some light on the myths and misinformation about car insurance in Singapore.

Many local car owners are confused by conflicting inf...

14 Jun 2011
samuelchua Cool info. I signed up with Aviva last year, it was fast (no agent call me). But i am still waiting to see if they will send me any form of renewal this year.
14 Jun 2011
wilswong Hi Sam, i was wondering how much they charge at median rate. How old are you and what car you driving?
14 Jun 2011
lexng http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/Owners/Story/A1Story20110608-283055.html take a look at this first before you buy your insurance
16 Jun 2011
Best Scottish Car of The Year: Kia Sportage

Kia's stylish new Sportage has taken Scotland's top motoring accolade at the 2010 Scottish Car of the Year Awards.

Kia's stylish new Sportage has take...

10 Nov 2010
Evan Great Scotts! The Koreans have taken over Scotland!
10 Nov 2010
They have taken too much scotch and then voted. (no offence to any South Koreans we have in our midst, but the very first car i had was a hyundai matrix and it drank!)
10 Nov 2010
WD45 ermm... the matrix was a model that i think even the koreans wanted to disown! However, at that time the design was consider ground breaking.
10 Nov 2010
samuelchua Kia's designs are awesome these days even the japan make can't match....only their brand is ugly.
14 Nov 2010
WD45 Branding takes alot of time. If Kia keeps well designed and functional cars coming, the brand perception will hopefully change soon.
19 Nov 2010
Europe: New generation Mazda 3 MPS

Mazda now expands the Mazda3 line-up with an all-new Mazda Performance Series (MPS) flagship version that is sure to make the hearts of sports car enthusiasts b...

4 Sep 2009
eugn86 Spicy red hot hatch! 5-stars for 1st impression!
4 Sep 2009
ic3boi weird looking monster..
4 Sep 2009
WindTurbine Bring it into Singapore please Mazda! Let them be the alternative to the Subarus!! Dun get me wrong i love Subarus for their Dynamic engineering + character.. but the Designers at Subaru are simply...
4 Sep 2009
kkchai It is really sexy! Feel much better than Focus RS.
5 Sep 2009
pass09 beng and lian gona luv it. wat a soreye
5 Sep 2009
samuelchua Love it..but don't think we gonna see the real thing in SG..
6 Sep 2009
Road Test - Skoda Superb TSI 1.8 (A)

"Call it a lesser Volkswagen all you want, but a Skoda won't be unfazed by that statement. Why should they, considering the good cars churned out by them? Poi...

20 Mar 2009
Quaigon Interesting self parking video! Just wondering if you can interrupt the process... the parallel parking seems awfully fast.
20 Mar 2009
azfar Hi Quaigon!

Yes you can! The moment you stop and disengage the reverse gear, you're back at taking total control.

The parallel parking is fast, and all you need to do is to just control the ...
20 Mar 2009
hazrin haisey didn't know have self park...
21 Mar 2009
samuelchua How reliable is the park? if it's a 2x parallel lots can it still find the lot properly?
23 Mar 2009
neutral Any choice of say..parallel parking, reverse parking or front parking? Or only parallel parking?
26 Mar 2009
azfar Hi Samuel,

Well it's something you need to get used to. During my time with the car, I had to try it several times before getting comfortable with the way it parallel parks itself - thing is, it...
26 Mar 2009
azfar Hi neutral,

Unfortunately it can only parallel park.
26 Mar 2009
Quaigon Pity. They should build a car that does at least both reverse and parallel parking.
31 Mar 2009
This is an open discussion for the news Lancer Evo X GSR

"The GSR is the top end model in the Evo lineup.

Mechanically, the car is no different from its Evo siblings. Buyers can choose between t...

16 Oct 2008
ic3boi where did e wing go?
16 Oct 2008
samuelchua what's the pricey?
16 Oct 2008
Stefano I suppose they either share the same sentiment that the wing kinda looks outta place on the new EVO or perhaps the car itself is heavy enuf to fly without wings....
16 Oct 2008
JRC Don't worry, it's just a different photo of the car - without the wing. No word yet on local prices, as this was just launched in Japan. The 5 speed manual is being sold for ¥ 4,798,500, while th...
16 Oct 2008
joycelym Quote:
"Formerly posted by JRC:
Don't worry, it's just a different photo of the car - without the wing. No word yet on local prices, as this was just launched in Japan. The 5 speed manual is bein...
16 Oct 2008
LMLP640 How nice if a volvo looks like this haha
16 Oct 2008
This is an open discussion for the news Another GT-R wasted

"Another GTR bites the dust - This time, in Malaysia.

This is definitely not the first report that a GT-R had crashed. The first crumpl...

25 Mar 2008
LMLP640 People driving fast car just want to drive such a car but just could not handle it
25 Mar 2008
accyt1978 can i take the brembo...
25 Mar 2008
ic3boi OMG!! wat a waste
25 Mar 2008
gym900 the body frame is jus so strong..the cabin and front wheels nvr seemed to moved.!
25 Mar 2008
samuelchua ya man, the rims and the rotors still looks good!
25 Mar 2008
Stefano Another 1 who gave in to temptations and paid the price.... sigh....
26 Mar 2008
csvinter could have cost peanuts to the guy that crash it. Maybe crashing for fun only (test if the airbags really works).
26 Mar 2008
kkchai You can have money to buy car but money can't buy you a good skill to pilot a super car. What a insult to the car itself. "_"
28 Mar 2008
ahlibaba Intresting

Option 1
could be a malaysia car plate , frequent singapore traveller , rented out our ERP unit

Option 2
Singapore registered GTR , got crash in JB ... whici i reckon hardly...
29 Mar 2008
ahlibaba http://kultivate.wordpress.com/2008/01/07/the-first-r35-crash/

here's the link for the GTR crash in Hong kong

and btw it's a test drive
29 Mar 2008

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