Road Test - Honda City LX 1.5 (A)

"The new Honda City is finally here, and looking even way better than its predecessor, is a very big threat to Toyota's Vios. However, how is the pricier tag jus...

13 Dec 2008
jasontang 65k for this tom yam car? let's see whether it can be spotted on the road easily . If yes , then it got to be a damn good car
13 Dec 2008
ifconfig at least this is still better than china-made/india-made cars for now! (in terms of reliability)
13 Dec 2008
Jarvis It is quite pricy for a car of this size and engine capacity....but it sure is quite an improvement in looks over the previous model
15 Dec 2008
sumo Looks great, but Honda might have confused itself with the pricing. Is there going to be another model inserted before the City?
21 Dec 2008
seetyang too ex for a thai made jap car. I think it will drop till it is ard 3-8k more than the price of vios since vios is city main competitor. At its current price (65K), dun think a lot of ppl will buy....
18 Jan 2009
sunnytan31 2 years ago, it turn down City is due to its awkward outlook, despite of its refine engine. But if i'm going to do the same comparsion now, I will be turned off by it pricing.

Nevertheless, the ...
19 Jan 2009

23 Dec 2008
ztcc78 is it real?!
must go check it out..
23 Dec 2008
Evan Maybe with relevant credit cards. Oil prices have been dropping despite the coming winter. Sure sign of production/export decline.
23 Dec 2008
seetyang I think using the smile card, u are entitled to extra 4% discount.
23 Dec 2008

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11 Feb 2008
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