Hi i am a new driver and is considering buying a 2nd hand car. what do you guys think of a 1992 honda civic like those found in ???? Is it worth it? Is maintainence gonna be high? even those that s...

12 Feb 2008
ztcc78 price im not so sure
but when comes to rebulit.. u never know what had previous happened to the car
what have they done to rebuilt the car
13 Feb 2008
hondata haha talk about civic the god of rebuild is here to help. actually currently buying a civic of that price is actually a good deal but the maintiance will be higher due to aged and spare parts is ch...
13 Feb 2008
kimzh yes its cheap at less than 15k. just scared of issues like high maintance needed and often breakdowns
13 Feb 2008
iNDS agree with bro hondata...
the radiator is giving so much of a pblem...dats what my in law is facing now...

the ride is doing well after the changes of the radiator thou..but the FC is on the hi...
14 Feb 2008

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12 Feb 2008
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