Audi S3 Sportback 2.0 (A)

Audi’s only hot hatch gains a couple of doors and clutches, loses a foot pedal and costs cheaper – sounds like a tempting perspective to me.

25 Nov 2009
ifconfig nice...
25 Nov 2009
thespark Whats the price?
26 Nov 2009
tomcat the center red console radion makes it a Tad "skoda-ish", bargain basement then up market Audi.

It's also very "beng-ish" in look. No doubt theres goin to be a huge second hand market from the ...
29 Nov 2009
gabrielqchan looks like almost a better buy than the cabrio! darn!
9 Dec 2009
World News: Citroen C5 gets a new engine and other minor updates

As previously expected< Citroen has replaced the C5's 2-litre 16-valve engine with the c4's 1.6-litre turbo unit.

The new 1.6i 16V THP 155hp petrol delivers 240Nm of torque at 1400rpm and an 8 percent increase in power, ...

10 Nov 2009
Kangadrool OMG, these higher end cars are now competing in the CAT A COE.
10 Nov 2009
thespark When is it coming to Singapore? 6 speed auto anyone?
10 Nov 2009
furry its only with 6MT for now...till they hook it with the EGS box
10 Nov 2009
eugn86 6MT that's why can do 0-100 in 8.6secs. EGS is clutchless manual right? Is the automatic version getting the detuned engine paired with AL4 or a DSG gearbox?
10 Nov 2009
furry the corp strategy is changing, i would expect to see the same engine with the same variant tuning as your 308t appearing with the EGS, just like the picasso...
10 Nov 2009
Road test - BMW 318i 2.0 (A)

BMW quietly brought in an entry-level 3 Series. Will this attract more buyers to the blue roundel? Well if you've been dreaming about owning your first executive seda...

16 Oct 2009
thespark is the protruding object above the hazard light switch the connection point for the gps lcd screen?
17 Oct 2009
azfar BMW provides Garmin GPS for every 3 Series purchased, but this are local options though...
17 Oct 2009
eugn86 Maybe the engine will sound better when more mileage has been piled up.
17 Oct 2009
TheWhiteCruizer get the audi a3 instead... with the a3, you get hid lights, paddle shifters, REAL leather seats (not the "plastic" ones), 7-spd double-clutch tranny, a turbocharged engine, lower road tax and FC, b...
19 Oct 2009
TheWhiteCruizer spelling error: I meant "trunk capacity".
19 Oct 2009
pass09 Nothing much to yell about for this entry level model. I should say, PML is going backward by giving a MADMADE leather and a dull interior. But at tat kind of price, what else can u ask for? Maybe ...
22 Oct 2009
Stefano Quote:
"Formerly posted by pass09:
Nothing much to yell about for this entry level model. I should say, PML is going backward by giving a MADMADE leather and a dull interior. But at tat kind of pri...
23 Oct 2009
Comparo - Hyundai Avante 1.6 (A), Kia Cerato Forte EX 1.6 (A)

So you're in the market for a budget family sedan, and it finally boils down to the Hyundai Avante and Kia Cerato Forte. Now the toug...

14 Jul 2009
thespark Dont that is the base model for the avante, the base model comes without climate control for $3k less.
14 Jul 2009
Dubdew the avante here is not the basic..basic avante has a single din player, no sports rims, no climate control aircon..."
15 Jul 2009
azfar Hi all,

Just to clarify - Komoco Motors gave us this car for photography purposes, as their Basic test unit is available only in manual. As it seems, most of you readers already know off-hand wh...
15 Jul 2009
cactus I thought forte EX is with hydraulic steering and not electric?
electric steering for EX has been discontinued together with 1 airbag and rear discs gone.
15 Jul 2009
vicsaw Forte comes with EPS too.
16 Jul 2009
mach Externally the Forte is more appealing, but handling wise Avante gives better turn in, steering feel and more parts/servicing options being the "older" brother of the 2.
26 Jul 2009
Sagaman Komoco is pushing hard for Avante to go before new models coming in..But i30 ain't appealing too,FC is not too good.
28 Jul 2009

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