Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LS (A)

For a small 1.0-litre car, the new Chevrolet Spark has had mega-sized launch campaign that includes a worldwide internet voting campaign, a major part in the movie "Tra...

13 May 2011
keisg Considering the bigger 2012 KIA Picanto 1.0 tips the scale at under 900 kg, the 1,053 kg Spark is rather heavy for an A-segment vehicle.
13 May 2011
NightCruizer Wonder what's the cause of the additional weight - tougher chassis?
20 Dec 2011
Twin test: Chevrolet Cruze5 Sportback 1.6 (A) vs. Kia Forte hatchback 1.6 SX (A)

The Cruze range gains a hatch body style in the form of the Cruze5. We pit it against another saloon derived five...

16 Dec 2011
NightCruizer The torque figure of the Chevrolet Cruze seems incredible...1155 Nm @ 4000rpm. Wow.
20 Dec 2011
Nosneb Hi NightCruizer, there seems to be an error on the torque speed of the Cruze5 Sportback. It should be 155Nm instead of 115Nm, the error have been rectified on both Oneshift & Cheverolet's official...
21 Dec 2011
Shell drops its pump prices

Shell cuts pump prices today.

Earlier today at 1PM, Shell Singapore led a pump price decrease of 3 cents per liter for all grades of fuel.

This move makes them the...

24 Apr 2009
24 Apr 2009
greasepalms down 3c, up 5c, down 2c, up 10c. great move
25 Apr 2009
NightCruizer "down 3c, up 5c, down 2c, up 10c. great move"
greasepalms, totally agreed.
26 Apr 2009
This is an open discussion for the news An E-Go for your ego

"It's a Russian revolution in sports cars!

E-Go is the name of a new coach-building company which manufactures the car you see in thes...

24 Oct 2008
NightCruizer Is it only me or does it really looks like it 'borrowed' its shape and style from Nissan GTR and AUDI R8? hmm...
24 Oct 2008
LMLP640 The car got more american touch to me rather something japs
25 Oct 2008

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