Toyota Vios 1.5 (A)

Our main wheelman takes Toyota's latest generation compact sedan to get an impression. 

15 Jul 2013
Anonymous I seriously don't think that this car is using a 1.6l engine or is turbocharged as reflected under the "engine" section.
17 Jul 2013
Anonymous I think it "should" be turbocharged like the Vios turbo in Thailand.
17 Jul 2013
lml1616 Can any1 recommend a good 
loan in Singapore to take as I need to buy a car without much downpayment ?
18 Jul 2013
Evan Hi Lm1616, unfortunately the MAS regulation is still in effect. I suggest we wait out to see if there are any further changes.
19 Jul 2013
Anonymous Are you sure with the 15.4km/liter?
I drove my new vios 2013 1.5 G A/T in the high way (NLEX), and i got only 11.7km/l, and my speed ranges from 80 to 100kph only, with rpm not more than 2500.
23 Sep 2013
Mazda CX-9 3.7 V6 (A)

Chun Kiat takes one of the largest SUVs currently out on the market for an impression.

12 May 2013
Twin Test - Audi A3 quattro 2.0 (A), Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0 (A)

Identical platforms, identical transmissions, near-identical engines – could these two premium hatchbacks be actually the same car...

9 Oct 2009
eugn86 A3's design looks a bit tired already, nevertheless still has that premium expensive look when you see one on the road. The Golf doesn't evoke that same kind of presence, perhaps that's when some p...
10 Oct 2009
relagsingh The A3's got 2 doors less but 2 more driven wheels... hmmm

The A3 got quattro, but is it necessary? FC figures for the A3 are not shown also, which I reckon will be slightly higher than the GTI....
18 Oct 2009
Comparo - Skoda Superb TSI 1.8 (A), Honda Accord 2.4 (A)

In this classically competitive Asia versus Europe comparison test, who will come out tops? The perennial favourite Accord, or the much-la...

18 Jun 2009
Mirage77 I think the Superb represents excellent value for money.
22 Jun 2009
tien Will choose Superb too... and constantly get the nagging in my heart due to Superb's less than superb extorier styling. Still, the equipment list is truly Superb.
22 Jun 2009

"Formerly posted by Mirage77: I think the Superb represents excellent value for money. "

Going by the hit rate of this review and the previous Skoda road test, that seems to be t...
22 Jun 2009
eugn86 Am seeing more Superbs on the roads. It really looks a tad too narrow given the length, but you cannot deny that this is an award-winning car, with german engineering and superb equipment list. And...
30 Jun 2009
mach Since buyers of these cars tend to be more conservative, resale value would be a cause of concern for the Czech. Unless it's a company sponsored car, I'll stick to my Sashimi please.
26 Jul 2009
TheWhiteCruizer I will go for the Superb, why?

1) Superb has a turbo engine and 7-spd DSG - lower FC, roadtax yet more faster than Accord.
2) Xenon HID!!! while Accord only has boring halogen...
3) Spacious r...
16 Oct 2009
Comparo - Renault Clio R27 2.0 (M), Honda Civic Type-R 2.0 (M)

So which one do you reckon, will be THE hot-hatch you should get for less than $110k? C.K decided to give this question the answer -...

12 Aug 2009
eugn86 Great choice! R27 is the way to go man!
12 Aug 2009
kkchai Hmmm I go for Jap.
12 Aug 2009
oohlins the JDM CTR is better choice for a comparison.....
12 Aug 2009
ck2718 oohlins: Sure we all know the JDM CTR is essentially a trackday car in disguise but we're talking hot hatches here in this comparo.
13 Aug 2009
eugn86 JDM CTR is unforgiving compared to British CTR. Jap CTR has almost no sound insulation so it's very noisy, and the suspension is harder. Drive long distance like on NS-Highway will be a torture! Br...
13 Aug 2009
azfar hmm...that's a good point. will consider that for the next Comparo.
13 Aug 2009
domino88 I'll rather read about who is the best workshop in Singapore to tune the best "Hot Hatches". That will be more interesting.
16 Aug 2009
ifconfig i will be interested to read who has driven their rides for 10 years.
16 Aug 2009
Hi all,

A follow up to the previous thread. Thumbsup

I gather that there are some of you guys who are keen to hit the track, and experience some track driving. Well, lets have one on Sunday, 19th July 2009! ...

2 Jul 2009
Guide - On-track driving

Been wanting to drive your car on the track? Before you do so, you might want to read C.K's fuss-free, easy to understand driving guide...

5 May 2009
kkchai Agree!
11 May 2009

"Formerly posted by ifconfig: mj! mj! vote for mj to be the organiser


I wanted to help too ... but not now ... my 2nd one poping out soon .... and will be quite tied down with ...
12 May 2009
kkchai Hope 1S will have a monthly or twice a month for happy tracking...
12 May 2009

"Formerly posted by kkchai: Hope 1S will have a monthly or twice a month for happy tracking...

Wah too shiong lah !

Too much car maintenance and tyres changes required ... unless...
12 May 2009
kkchai Haha!

Hunt those company who will launch new tyre... We help them to promo, market and ad... give us free tyre...

If it does really happen... DREAMING>>> =P
12 May 2009

"Formerly posted by mj:

"Formerly posted by ifconfig: mj! mj! vote for mj to be the organiser


I wanted to help too ... but not now ... my 2nd one poping out soon ...
13 May 2009

"Formerly posted by ifconfig:

"Formerly posted by mj:

"Formerly posted by ifconfig: mj! mj! vote for mj to be the organiser


I wanted to help too ......
13 May 2009
azfar Guys,

I usually head up to Pasir Gudang once a month with some of my Johorean friends to track. PM me if you're keen to join us, how's that?
13 May 2009
ifconfig mj, sad to say i'm not involved. last year tried but due to my olympic commitments, i had to give it a miss.

azfar, perhaps you can post your monthly PG trackdays in here, so that any interested pa...
14 May 2009
azfar sounds good...will keep everyone posted!
16 May 2009
Road Test - Skoda Superb V6 3.6 (A)

A bigger engine usually means one thing - more driving fun. But is that so, in the case of the Skoda Superb V6? Well, read what CK has to say about this spacio...

6 May 2009
The $150k question...

The editorial team have spoken! What will you buy for $150,000?

19 Mar 2009
digital_angel Am aghast that the Evo X is not on the list! Where can you find a car under $150000 that handles like a fighter jet, has the practicality of a 4-door saloon, looks great, and with a few mild mods c...
29 Mar 2009
mj i will get a base REX and the left over $ for Mods ... whahahahaha
30 Mar 2009
WD45 Quote:
"Formerly posted by digital_angel:
Am aghast that the Evo X is not on the list! Where can you find a car under $150000 that handles like a fighter jet, has the practicality of a 4-door saloo...
30 Mar 2009
BlackDragon T-Rex anytime. Heart simply can't resist the boxer gurgling idle which is somewhat an automobile equivalent to a Harley bike. Best of all, its LTA approved.
30 Mar 2009
shirodka2 Well, if the writers have outgrown their "boy racer" tendencies then why is the Integra on the list? The new WRX is capable but ugly. If I was in the market for a hot hatch I would go for the VW Go...
30 Mar 2009
ck2718 I for one still drive a boy-racer on a daily basis and its VTEC scream still tingles my heart. No doubt the latest Evo X and WRX (both base and STI) are still very capable machines, they somehow ha...
31 Mar 2009
Comparo - Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI 3.0 (A) and Lexus RX400h 3.3 (A)

"You rarely hear of an environmentally-friendly SUV, right? Precisely why we brought you the clean diesel version of Volkswage...

26 Dec 2008

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