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"Reducing your carbon footprint is all the rage these days, and Honda will accommodate to a growing car segment with three new...

22 May 2008
LMLP640 I thought this is an old news already???
22 May 2008
GOMUS from this angle, i like the look...interesting to see how far it can be developed.
24 May 2008
dmateo the fuel cell model is already in production but due to the scarcity of the pump station, it's only sold in certain location in US.

Wonder when this will come to singapore.........
25 May 2008
dmateo btw : almost forgot, saw prices for civic make a free fall. Well generally everything in honda except for a couple brand (no, accord 2008 still priced as the same) are having a free fall...

25 May 2008
psyiche Wonder when it'll ever reach our shores?
2 Jul 2008

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7 Apr 2008
13 Jul 2008