Any1 got any good recommendations for comfy and quiet tyres?

27 May 2008
Baa Is there any hard and fast rule on defining quiet tyre? Tyre range 60-100plus? per piece.

The only time I really spend on tyre was on motorbike, spend 250++ on a TT500 back, wears to botak with...
29 May 2008
lchuanglr hi guys,

can I ask, how long do tyres usually last? I've done 12K km on my stock tyres (dunlop SP31), and my workshop told me don't need to rotate until 20K km... if 20K botak liao, then no poin...
29 May 2008
dalephee Agree wif you Char.. 20k wont botak unless u take hard corners.. normally stock tires can last maybe up to 65k+\-
correct me if i'm wrong..
30 May 2008
Skye If we prefer our tires to wear more evenly (and last a bit longer), it should help to do rotation more regularly. I know people who do theirs every 5000km and also people who never did one before. ...
30 May 2008
lchuanglr thanks guys. really appreciate all the advice
31 May 2008
teekaysee use yokohama stock tyre S74...very comfy quiet and good performance..definitely better than DNA DB....

get from chen jin tyres

i changed to yoko DN...
29 Aug 2008
HMKTG Quote:
"Formerly posted by Vlanze:
Any1 got any good recommendations for comfy and quiet tyres? "

Hankook V8RS

definitely comfy and quiet.
9 Oct 2008
Vlanze Any comments on Bridgestone Pontenza RE001? Was told it is a rather comfy tire...
9 Oct 2008
Driving Sylphy 1.5L and changed from stock yokohama tires to Eagle Excellence tires after one of my tire punctured. Very mush quiet and good wet grip too. Got it at approx $85 per piece. You might ...
3 Jul 2009

"Formerly posted by Vlanze: Any comments on Bridgestone Pontenza RE001? Was told it is a rather comfy tire..."

Generally ok with has some road noise but not to the point ...
10 Jul 2009
I am currently using SPC 95 on my 1.5L Sylphy and i have all along been disappointed about the pickup and it didnt occur to me to change the petrol but a chance opportunity forced me to top up with...

4 May 2008
ztcc78 Quote:
"Formerly posted by joycelym:
Eat and La Kopi... "
plus talk rubbish but cars chat also included..
6 May 2008
Vlanze So when's the next 1? lol.
6 May 2008
steven_VW Hi maxchua,

I do not see any significant difference in pick up speed when I switch from Ron 95 to Ron 98 or V-Power, may be mine is a lao pok kar and if it really does, I would think it is too m...
6 May 2008
ztcc78 Quote:
"Formerly posted by Char:
Any suggestions? "
my usual suggestion.. lets drive up to thai
** i thought this thread is abt fuel??

6 May 2008
Vlanze O ya...better stick to the topic. Going off-topic

Anywhere also can for the meetup. LOL
6 May 2008
maxchua I am halfway thru my 2nd tank of esso 500, think the consumption is similar to spc95 for my car. next try will be shell95.
9 May 2008
I have been searching for aromatherapy car frangrance. I have been trying many different types but i dont quite like it. Is there any aromatherapy quality car frangrance in the market?

I see th...

7 May 2008
joycelym I am currently switching in between Ambi Pur or Glade air vent type freshener. Sometimes when I am in the mood will use Bel'air diffuser for an hour or so... Just to kill off some food smell!
8 May 2008
maxchua but is the belair diffuser designed for the car or one that u used to carry around with you?
8 May 2008
joycelym Quote:
"Formerly posted by maxchua:
but is the belair diffuser designed for the car or one that u used to carry around with you?

The portable one lar... they have yet to churn out something f...
8 May 2008
maxchua i am sure if somebody design a range of diffusers for cars, there will be a big market...
8 May 2008
I would be sounding like a amatuer in ICE, but what are the upgrades available.

I am definitely not looking to change everything and add a woofer in my boot but some simple upgrades that will ma...

8 May 2008
I am comtemplating whether to use Rain-X for my windscreen. Would appreciate any valuable advice from the experts here on the pros and cons of this product.


6 May 2008
ztcc78 well actually its up to individual liking
we used to have conversation on this before n some dislike it..
personally i am using it..
6 May 2008
lchuanglr I'm personally using rainX on my Fit (the original spray one, not the windscreen washer fluid formula). has its pros and cons I think:

good : It really does make the water droplets 'bead' up an...
6 May 2008
steven_VW I have used it for the past 10 over years on all my rides, I like the clean, gleaming shine after applying. I like the beading droplets flying off the windscreen when I am driving and looking at th...
7 May 2008
accyt1978 heard of good and bad about it.. probably some wipers has problem with the juddering problem after applying it..

i've refrained from using it cos i dun really like juddering wipers..
(Kudos to ...
7 May 2008
maxchua There are so many car lovers here, i am sure there are alternatives to Rain-X. I am using it as well but only on the rear and side windows. And i dunno why but when i wash my car with Sonax wash, t...
7 May 2008
lchuanglr actually, RainX comes in many forms. there's one that is like wet wipes, and there's another that is a liquid that you use as a windscreen washer fluid. you can check out the NTUC at AMK Hub.

8 May 2008
maxchua when its streaking, then its either having to give your window a good clean or having to change your wipers. Its a sure sign that your wipers are wearing out.

btw, the rain-x wet wipes sucks big...
8 May 2008
showhand Hi Guys,

As usual, many thanks for all your valuable inputs.

I will use it after washing the car this weekend.

10 May 2008

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