COTY 2009

We reveal the winners of oneshift's 2009 car of the Year awards!

8 Dec 2009
neutral It seems that all are European and from mid to high end cars. What happen to the best daily car, most economical car, most value for money? hahaha...
3 Feb 2010
fastjimmy if we have to avoid japanese models (due to downfall of Toyota giant), then the best value car, amongst european make, must be used ones by 1 owner with low mileage in local resale market, ha!
22 Feb 2010
First Look: Lotus Elise 2011

Making its debut at the 80th International Geneva Motorshow, the 2011 model year Lotus Elise introduces a number of changes and improvements to maintain its class lea...

18 Feb 2010
fastjimmy How is that Lotus (touring package) has cruise control when it produces only manual? Has the Elise gear gone automatic?? Notably the enrty model has been detuned down again, this time it's -200cc c...
22 Feb 2010

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