fuel prices are increasing, and doesnt seem like it will drop at any point of time, due to global shortage .. CNG looks like a cheaper, efficient, and eco-friendly alternative. plus ! theres a reba...

24 May 2008
steven_VW I understand that there may be a 5% drop in power depending on car when using CNG, this is felt mostly during acceleration and probably up hill. Not sure about noise.

Technically speaking, all c...
24 May 2008
ztcc78 but there aint much places where u can pump CNG
if not wrong now only got 2.. both in west area
24 May 2008
steven_VW There are currently only 3 CNG refilling stations,

1. Jurong Island by Sembcorp (this one is restricted area, need to apply permit to enter).
2. Jln Buroh SPC station by Sembcorp/SPC.
3. Manda...
24 May 2008
psyiche Hi!
CNG is still a fossil fuel. When demand increases, the quantity decreases, then price will increase - same ol story repeats itself.
Better for the government to re-look and re-invest in green...
22 Jul 2008
seaa If you are thinking of installing the cng kit, it will cost around 4k. Compare price of cng and petrol and calculate approx by when can your 4k be worth while.

Besides, cng tank can hold only sm...
22 Jul 2008
joycelym CNG - Confirmed NO GOOD.
22 Jul 2008
psyiche Well, good or not, fossil fuels run out... just hope all the governments of the world can get their act together, else its back to the DARK ages for our future generations.
22 Jul 2008
valenwolf Fuel is limited resource. Unless we can find a suitable alternative, like what Ironman wears in his chest... its hard to even imagine how much a litre of petrol can cause you, and I strongly believ...
23 Jul 2008
MazdaBoy I was checking out several CNG cars online. Chevrolet has the Optra Magnum which is factory fitted. Think it's the only one in Singapore but not too sure.
If petrol prices sky rockets I may eve...
23 Jul 2008

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