Price drops after close of COE bidding on 9 Dec

COE prices might have risen marginally after December’s first bidding exercise closed on Wednesday but Honda has bucked the rise in prices with som...

12 Dec 2009
wind79 You got a typo.
Honda Jazz -$85,00 to $8,700
18 Dec 2009
Manualonly Strange that you only pointing out "the Stream drives significantly better than its fierce rival (Wish)" when in this category, most folks are looking for practical, utilitarian efficiency and safe...
27 Dec 2009
New Prius: efficient design

Lowest drag coefficient for a production hatchback, more spacious interior for third generation of Toyota’s hybrid car.

Inside and out, the design of the new Toyota P...

21 Jun 2009
Manualonly Wheelbase is 2700mm, not 2600mm
30 Jun 2009
Green cars - should you buy one?

"We give you an insight on what it entails to own a green car here in Singapore..."

6 Apr 2009
psyiche In these times, most Singaporeans will choose to follow their pockets rather than their heart. If the authorities are keen to promote alternative green technology, then they need to have a fairer a...
15 Apr 2009
yeewf I do agreed that with the economy going downhill, i dont think more people will part with the additional $$ that comes with green cars.
For me i will rather buy a smaller cc car than to spend it o...
16 Apr 2009
Manualonly There are multiple factors at work here about going green (aka reducing CO2 emission, which is what it should be about).

Problem is our government has an enormous vested interest in petroleum-ba...
17 Apr 2009
Manualonly Speaking of political-will in going green, China's BYD already selling the world's first mass-production PHEV.

Never under-estimate what technology is capable of nor its origin.
The issue is f...
17 Apr 2009
Manualonly And the political will in US of A.

This is what BBC correspondence found out when he interviewed ordinary Americans and GM. Remember, BYD already is selling their PHEV while Volt remains in the ...
17 Apr 2009
Scoop - Borneo Motors finally brings in the Toyota Wish

"Although a little too late, Borneo Motors finally brought in the Toyota Wish, priced it at $74k, and hopes to move some 2000 units by year...

2 Jun 2008
4 Jun 2008
woolff read from ST yhat a all new wish is coming out next year
8 Jun 2008
Stefano I think red is really getting popular, i c at least a dozen red wish parked at borneo's car collection office...
9 Jun 2008
sumo Looks like Wish is travelling down the same road as Picnic. Just saw the latest Wish (only new lights) in Taiwan.
10 Jun 2008
domino88 Not sure about past WISH models.

The current WISH "X Aero Sports Package L Edition" and WISH "X L Edition" in Japan was released since June 2007.

Both models come wi...
10 Jun 2008
Stefano is tat the new facelift for Wish....??? Other than the headlight and front bodykit, I can't really spot a diff. Most of the changes are interior based like the IR anti foging windscreen i suppose, ...
10 Jun 2008

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