Hi guys,

I just spoke to a sales person from Fabulous International yesterday. She explained briefly on the difference between a conventional car loan against a car loan with cash rebate. Surpri...

5 Nov 2008
acewan let the numbers do the talking:
Month Installment 392 352
Loan Tenure 120 months 120 months
Loan Amount 35,000 35,000
Total payment 47,040 42,240

1 30,296 30,776
5 Nov 2008
Xavier04 So the one with cash rebate actually saves more isn't it?
5 Nov 2008
Stefano I think u will want to double check with other agents, cuz I'm pretty surprised that the cash rebate helps u save 40 bucks all in all, the last time I was shopping for a car, cash rebates were only...
5 Nov 2008
acewan imho... I think u might have gotten the facts wrong...
5 Nov 2008
steven_VW Hi Xavier04,

What is the interest rate quoted to you for with and without cash rebates? Interest rates with cash rebates is usually much higher so I do not see how the monthly installment can be...
5 Nov 2008
acewan precisely... based on my computation... it shld be the other way round... cash rebate - Monthly 392 per month...
5 Nov 2008
Stefano Xavier04, the last time Mazda calculated for me, without cash rebate 550 with CR, 542 both with an initial downpayment of 5K from my own pocket. Cash rebate or so-call in-house financing 4K, car pr...
5 Nov 2008
blk356 Bank promoters are just there to promote the latest bank product. These loan structures have be well thought for high yield & ROI. Of course they need a good marketing strategy to attract the mess ...
12 Nov 2008
Would like to seek some opinions on comparison between these 2 cars. Thinking of getting a OPC within the next few months, due to budget constraint, I've narrowed down my choices to these 2.


10 Jun 2008
Kangadrool OK. This is how Mazda quoted for M2SP a year ago:
OTR: $54,088
HSBC Insurance rebate: $500
DBS finance rebate: $3,800 Interest 3.25%
Offer package price with above rebates: $49,788
Very attrac...
17 Jun 2008
steven_VW Hi Kangadrool,

Good that you remembered what was quoted to you after so long. I think I know what is the confusion here, just to help clear your doubts and for the benefits of others here,

18 Jun 2008

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10 Jun 2008
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