15 Feb 2006
ifconfig carma also not in... anyway, car clubs very focus ones, maybe guess that's why oneshift not in.
16 Feb 2006
Cruizer Alamak, Peugot is not popular in singapore.....
16 Feb 2006
ifconfig maybe you can start one
16 Feb 2006
missy suzuki also not in the list...
19 Feb 2006
triggerpuff Quote:
"Formerly posted by ifconfig:
maybe you can start one "

Yeah!!! And can I be the first Non-peugeot member?? hehehe...
19 Feb 2006
lightfinger Getzclub!
27 Feb 2006
discoburg Even the Fit/Jazz Club also not in.
14 Mar 2006
acel www.getzclub.com for Getz owners
21 Mar 2006
Evan Quote:
"Formerly posted by acel:
www.getzclub.com for Getz owners "

Hi acel, welcome to oneshift. Do come to the meet ups and create a car profile while at it!
22 Mar 2006
Jostian Oneshift not in nevermind...Since car clubs focused, and we're pretty general here, let's aim to GOVERN these little little kiddy clubs!!!
24 Mar 2006

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21 Mar 2006
21 Mar 2006