Hello all. Just wondering if any Malaysians here who recently did a license conversion to Singapore license. On the TP website says we need "an extract from Jabatan Pengangutan Jalan (JPJ) is compu...

19 Jul 2008
Hello. I'm just wondering if anyone has hired the services of a guy at HDB car parks to wash your car. I see an indian guy at my car park washing cars. Anyone have an indication how much that costs?

22 Dec 2008
ztcc78 shld be ard S$30..
but i will rather wash myself..
22 Dec 2008
piauster Haha cool. Thanks just wondering.
22 Dec 2008
Evan Yes about $30 wash daily, monday to fridays only. Usually they wash the car at night.
22 Dec 2008
Andrew_Tan Please don't ever try, you'll get scratches all over your ride. Do you know that they wash 4-5 cars with just one pail of water? Filthy water that is.
24 Dec 2008
haffisx yeah yeah..i agree with andrew..same water same cloth and same old dirty look to ur car..not trying to harm their bizness or wat but thumbs down to them..
24 Dec 2008
Axioboy It cost only $5. I urge you dun let them wash your car.
My car get serious scrathes (black paint).
29 Dec 2008
yogein axioboy or anyonebro can help me give any cari makan num in jb to help me ....pls sms me 98879083 or mail me yogeindran@yahoo.com
12 Apr 2012
Twin test: Mazda5 2.0R (A) vs. Subaru Legacy 2.0i (A)

The Mazda6 has been hugely under rated ever since its debut over two years ago. How will the mildly tweaked version fare against another unde...

22 May 2010
piauster There's a error on the article title on the main page. It says Mazda5 instead of Mazda6.
23 May 2010
edlaz The error's been fixed. That aside, the Mazda6 is a really handsome car. Mazda's Zoom Zoom philosophy has trickled down well from its concept cars. Just google Furai.
23 May 2010
WindTurbine I really love the way the Mazda 6 looks... but again... I am a Mazda fan. Maybe I am biased.
26 May 2010
edlaz I think that Mazda is the only japanese manufacturer that dares to infuse their production designs with artistic flair. The rest of them tend to stick with more generic and safer designs. I suppose...
26 May 2010
WindTurbine To be fair Honda do great designs too - Not all though, if we recall the last Honda City... Anyway.. I think the previous generation Subaru Legacy looks a great deal more appealing than this curren...
26 May 2010
See what the oneshift.com team wants this festive season! Holiday Special: All I want for Christmas...
It's Christmas once again and the spirit of giving and sharing is in the air. Hence oneshift ...

21 Dec 2009

I am looking for a sporty car but not willing to spend more than $60k for a car; what do you guys think of the new Subaru Impreza 1.5R?

21 Oct 2007
This is an open discussion for the news Mazda RX-8 R3 hits the UK

"More goodies for the facelifted RX-8. Pity it's only for the UK market...for now.

Mazda recently announced the facelifted RX-8 R...

16 Jul 2008
slinki You can get this version in S'pore too. Known as the RS version.
16 Jul 2008
piauster A dream car for me since RX7 and now RX8. Great pictures!
18 Jul 2008

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15 Jul 2008
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