Anyone heard of suspension hardener? Where can I get it?

Thank you.

5 Aug 2008
bacillus I also don't know. I heard from someone that it suppose to harden the suspension and extend the lifespan of the suspension.
6 Aug 2008
Hi All,

I wanted to buy a new car between Avante & Vios.
Can anyone advice which car is better?


4 Aug 2008
domino88 I'll fancy Avante over Vios. Much bigger and many nice interior features. But don't write-off Vios yet. It look cooler with some nice sporty kits.
4 Aug 2008
bacillus U can try latio. tan cheong is giving good discount. latio is japan made.
5 Aug 2008
EdmundSng yo..
me too prefer Vios..

Heard tat Hyundai cars FC quite high... but toyota shld be ok ba...personal opinion...
5 Aug 2008
Stefano go take a look, that is da best thing u can do. Go have a feel of both rides...sitting position, cabin space, boot space, feel of the drive, handling, comfort level during driving etc. go test both...
5 Aug 2008
sumo Is there a reason why it's only between the avante and vios? both are a bit mismatched: avante prides itself as a altis competitor, whilst the vios is an entry-level toyota. Better to compare avant...
5 Aug 2008
lazybum9 I'm driving a vios now...don't have much complaints except its soundproofing...anyway i always blast my speakers...suggestion is to go test drive both cars...sit in both cars and feel for yourself ...
5 Aug 2008

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5 Aug 2008
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