Found out that there was a nail in 1 of my tyres. C&C patched it up for me during servicing...just wondering should I change it as I heard patch-up job is not that reliable. If so, do I change 1 or...

19 Mar 2008
ifconfig just change in pairs will do.
19 Mar 2008
neutral It depends on where is the damage. If on Sidewall, they will recommend you to change. The reason is that the tyre may burst if you have a heavy bum.

If center of tyre(or within the thread), then...
19 Mar 2008
Vlanze Tks all. Will continue to monitor the tyre for any further leaks. Also wouldnt wanna change the tyres cos of 1 stupid nail.
19 Mar 2008
domino88 Once I have a poor patch job. Have to increase the pressure every week until I got time to got back to the workshop.

So, I'll suggest you monitor the pressure after a week to be sure the patch j...
20 Mar 2008
ztcc78 as mention by the rest.. do check on the pressure before u make any change
had done a patch before and driving on it for more than 6000km
so far nothing happen.. satisfied driver
20 Mar 2008
TCX607 Usually, the patch up job is fine. Finding nail in tyre almost a norm especially your car travel in industrial sector in Singapore.
Yah, do monitor the pressure of tyre will do. Or, you may change...
21 Mar 2008
teekaysee i think i got a nail in my tyre...a bit flat....maybe the tyre shop did not properly inflate....

where can i patch the puncture if due to much this kind of job?
29 Aug 2008
steven_VW Hi teekaysee,

If you are not sure if there is a nail or leak in your tyres, first, go inflate all the tyres to the correct pressure then monitor them. If there is a leak, it will deflate again s...
29 Aug 2008
teekaysee thanks so much bro. just got it patched. the mechanic pulled out object and inserted a easy...charged $8 which is very reasonable.
29 Aug 2008
Any1 got any good recommendations for comfy and quiet tyres?

27 May 2008
Baa Is there any hard and fast rule on defining quiet tyre? Tyre range 60-100plus? per piece.

The only time I really spend on tyre was on motorbike, spend 250++ on a TT500 back, wears to botak with...
29 May 2008
lchuanglr hi guys,

can I ask, how long do tyres usually last? I've done 12K km on my stock tyres (dunlop SP31), and my workshop told me don't need to rotate until 20K km... if 20K botak liao, then no poin...
29 May 2008
dalephee Agree wif you Char.. 20k wont botak unless u take hard corners.. normally stock tires can last maybe up to 65k+\-
correct me if i'm wrong..
30 May 2008
Skye If we prefer our tires to wear more evenly (and last a bit longer), it should help to do rotation more regularly. I know people who do theirs every 5000km and also people who never did one before. ...
30 May 2008
lchuanglr thanks guys. really appreciate all the advice
31 May 2008
teekaysee use yokohama stock tyre S74...very comfy quiet and good performance..definitely better than DNA DB....

get from chen jin tyres

i changed to yoko DN...
29 Aug 2008
HMKTG Quote:
"Formerly posted by Vlanze:
Any1 got any good recommendations for comfy and quiet tyres? "

Hankook V8RS

definitely comfy and quiet.
9 Oct 2008
Vlanze Any comments on Bridgestone Pontenza RE001? Was told it is a rather comfy tire...
9 Oct 2008
Driving Sylphy 1.5L and changed from stock yokohama tires to Eagle Excellence tires after one of my tire punctured. Very mush quiet and good wet grip too. Got it at approx $85 per piece. You might ...
3 Jul 2009

"Formerly posted by Vlanze: Any comments on Bridgestone Pontenza RE001? Was told it is a rather comfy tire..."

Generally ok with has some road noise but not to the point ...
10 Jul 2009

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