I m staying near to Commonwealth area, Decide to go down this Sat to test drive Toyota Allion. Can anyone recommend which is the good PI there in terms of prc, service and delivery??

17 Oct 2008
steven_VW Hi robin,

Generally I think most Parallel Importers are doing legitimate business and are alright and due to stiff competitions most will try to fight on prices. Since most of their costs are ab...
18 Oct 2008
robin HiSteve
Thks very much for the advice. What does it mean by 2 gauranteed COE?
19 Oct 2008
steven_VW Hi robin,

If the dealer offer you a package with "2 bids guaranteed", that means, the dealer has 2 chances to bid for the COE under your name for you under CAT A or B depending on what car you b...
19 Oct 2008
iNDS yeah bro...i strongly agree with our bro steven to look into the details rather than getting to know the PI....

btw..dont be like me after signing all the documents then only i check with our br...
20 Oct 2008
Hi.. Hope some one can help me ..

I intent to get a stand alone GPS Navigator .. any recomendation? Budget below $800

Thanks in advance ...

6 Dec 2007
apple Hi luckystar,
maybe you would like to try www.innovasiatech.com to check out. heard they have a upcoming stand alone GPS.
13 Jan 2008
luckystar Thanks Apple,

Anyone in this forum using TIBO? i need some feedback leh ... pro & con :p

Thanks a lot ..
14 Jan 2008
Vlanze Dun mind if i highjack this thread. Anyway, any1 has played with Wayfinder Navigator software for GPS units (mobile phones etc)? Heard it comes with certain Nokia phones. How's the subscription pac...
17 Jan 2008
luckystar Finally got my PB Compasseo 600 @ $599 .... but the website down .. cannot update the map online ... only can go to the office during office hr ..
24 Jan 2008
nick71 Hi Bro,

Need some help and advice here.
Plan to drive up malaysia often, think of getting a GPS navigator.
but don't know what brand to go and what are the price range.

12 Oct 2008
robin has anyone use Shinco GPS navigator GM3511? How good is this GPS
17 Oct 2008
kendrick272 Try gothere.sg

This site is very useful
26 Oct 2008

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