saw an article in sept's Autocar mag (sg edition)..

article talks about "britain's quickest car 2008" where they tested 21 of the world's fastest cars in a 0-100-0 shootout, and apparent...

8 Oct 2008
sam2008 Auto racing (also known as automobile racing, motor racing or car racing) is a motorsport involving racing cars. It is one of the world's most watched television sports.
15 Oct 2008
Now, if only Angela Merkel could bring her ideas over to Singapore.

It looks like Germany’s autobahn system is safe from a potential increase of speed-limited areas, for now at leas...

12 Sep 2008
wesmant If that really happens in Singapore, I would think of changing my car to performance Car :p

say, Evo or Subaru
5 Oct 2008
iNDS dream on bro...dont think they will practise here...even our KPE are running at 70km/h.....

Major Fly!!!
6 Oct 2008
wesmant Hopefully we are still allowed to dream, wakakakak
6 Oct 2008
neutral Before all these to be implemented, someone must remove the "kiasu", "kiasee", "kia***" syndrome in the gahment dictionery...
6 Oct 2008
speedster but i bet nobody likes to get stuck in jams, kiasu pple will know it wastes petrol.. but then again, some accidents/jams are caused by speedsters crashing... hm. its a tough one.
6 Oct 2008
Stefano today i witnessed a bloke in CRV tailgating a Latio on SLE on the overtaking lane... I guess the Latio bore grudge with CRV n thus slowed to like 70-80.... i was rite behind them...wondering wat ha...
7 Oct 2008
domino88 Quote:
"Formerly posted by Stefano:
Today's lesson on the road taught me to train up my tolerance, be kind to others... no doubt there r arses on the roads... there's wonderful experiences as well....
7 Oct 2008
steven_VW Roads without speed limit in SG??? Sure, but not now. Not when people are still behaving like how we behave right now. Not flaming or sliming anybody, I am guilty of these unglamorous behaviour som...
7 Oct 2008
Stefano Quote:
"Formerly posted by domino88:

Hey Stefano mate. Thanks for that note above. I should be ashamed of myself yesterday for driving like a moron because one grandpa nearly hit me when he chang...
7 Oct 2008
vinceyeo No matter how kiasu and kiasi I strongly believe in the human's amazing ability to adapt to changes. Put drivers into a no speed limit highway and see how they change to fit the environment. If the...
7 Oct 2008
hi all! i'm new to this forum.. but u guys seem to be in the loop about the local car scene.. so i'm just wondering if anyone knows what's the fastest car that's available in sg? would love to know...

15 Sep 2008
speedster omg are you serious? wow.. you think it's in town for the singapore import night show last week or the sg motorshow? btw anyone went to either of those? were they good? heard the motorshow only sho...
29 Sep 2008
speedster Quote:
"Formerly posted by fastone:
yeah saw that pink zonda outside the marina mandarin..

but guess what, saw an amazing yellow Ultima GTR out of nowhere
here in singapore as well! how the?
3 Oct 2008
my cousin from UK just sent me these pics of the Ariel Atom he spotted..

sublime piece of engineering. the specs are insane! (from wikipedia)

* 0-60 mph : 2.7 seconds (manufacture...

2 Oct 2008
neutral Don't think it will be approved for use in Singapore...unless for Sepang track use.
2 Oct 2008
speedster Quote:
"Formerly posted by neutral:
Don't think it will be approved for use in Singapore...unless for Sepang track use. "

really? have u seen such similar cars there before there then?? if have...
2 Oct 2008
Hi guys.. what do think if the recent F1 where Alonso wins.. This is an open thread for u to voice you happiness, unhappiness and and and and erm....juz say wats on ur mind!!!

I be the 1st to...

28 Sep 2008
Evan The petrol hose that came off was quite spectacular actually. Bug in ferrari's electronics
28 Sep 2008
Stefano I didn't watch n never really watch F1 races but from the report, it seems the race was restarted twice n there were 2 hose-in-cars incident sending 2 mechs stretchered off... sounds damn comical f...
29 Sep 2008

Ferrari Dragon Dance Team!
29 Sep 2008
speedster omg ahhaa funny pic! massa must feel like crap, waiting in the car for the crew to run to him to detach his hose...
29 Sep 2008
EdmundSng Quote:
"Formerly posted by speedster:
omg ahhaa funny pic! massa must feel like crap, waiting in the car for the crew to run to him to detach his hose..."

haha... wat a pic...


29 Sep 2008
speedster yea apparently the "tv commentator on tv said it was a fault with the sensor on the rig, apparently there is one that triggers the green go light when the nozzle detaches from the car.

moral of ...
29 Sep 2008
blk356 Quote:
"Formerly posted by Eber:
Fantastic GP race! but perhaps the most controversial. Was piquet's crash deliberate to allow Alonso to win?! Afterall, the commentator actually mentioned that the ...
29 Sep 2008
blk356 BTW was do you think of the F1 grid girl. I think sub-standard. I think those girl on Deal or No Deal a lot more better.

imagine the entire world were watch & say this is SG girl standard?
29 Sep 2008
Stefano Getting a gf in sg can be quite hard for a good half of the local guys. Well, never try to showcase the best that our nation has to offer, else, there'll be an increasing number of local bacholers,...
29 Sep 2008
EdmundSng stef..i agree totally wif u....
29 Sep 2008
This is an open discussion for the news Swing KPE!

"15,000 Singaporeans experience the KPE before it opens to traffic.

Some 15,000 participants had the opportunity to experience the unopened stre...

18 Sep 2008

the cars are so hot! haha love the vrrroom vrroom sound.
22 Sep 2008

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