Japan: FHI to introduce the Subaru Impreza WRX STI spec C

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), launches the Subaru Impreza WRX STI spec C.

Based on the Impreza WRX STI, the iconic sport model of Su...

24 Jul 2009
magzk are u sure that the displacement is still 1994cc? or did they change again for the Spec C?
24 Jul 2009
ic3boi JDM Spec is always a 2L turbo engine.
24 Jul 2009
hondasingapore where is Spec C factor as compared to previous incarnations? Like EVO X, they are both on the beginning of the end of their own legacies, albeit self-destruction... Look at the number of R35 on the...
26 Jul 2009
The F1 Racing Editions bring you the ultimate Toyota Motorsport Experience

Borneo Motors Singapore is bringing back the Toyota Motorsport Experience in conjunction with the Singapore Grand Prix.

25 Jul 2009
kkchai Why Borneo Singapore and UMW Malaysia like to snap a few body kits for cosmetic look only and WOH, it is a special edition?
25 Jul 2009
loveforte waste time
26 Jul 2009
hondasingapore to be honest, toyota has not much success in performance sector, of late, with the demise of Supra...
26 Jul 2009
ifconfig i think it will be wasting my time if the promo is on ferraris, cause i'm part of the 70% population that will never be able to afford the ride.

and a matter of fact, vios are pretty impressive ride...
27 Jul 2009
wilswong If it is racing edition, then the first give away of its non performance is the ride height...the gaps of the wheel well is huge and the ride is high.

Want to do a real racing edition, then do a pr...
28 Jul 2009
ifconfig well if the price is to be the same as before the cosmetics upgrade. you might well gotten a better deal.

anyway, never drive a stock car if you are into racing, it just show how naive one is.
28 Jul 2009
w74406 To bad they only upgrade the kits but left out the performance!!
28 Jul 2009
neutral Put stickers and body kits and call it Racing edition?? Pui!

28 Jul 2009
wilswong Ok...let's just humour this thought.

If the 'racing' edition design is nice...i dun mind paying a bit more for a nice body kit, as I have done with the Jazz 1.5l version.  It is nicely done up, with...
29 Jul 2009
ccb hey dun anyhow pui here, I will CHARGE you to DB neutral!
10 Sep 2009

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