hi guys, im planning a trup to JB to eat nice and good seafood. most probably going around 10pm and i was hopping that the place is halal as one of my friends is a malay. i have been to singgah sel...

25 Nov 2009
ztcc78 i am still searching how to drive from custom to Tree Top.. anyone?
25 Nov 2009
Seafood or Fisherman Village or better known in chinese as Hai Fan Chun... closer to the 2nd link side.... halal or not, that I dunno....
25 Nov 2009
try get this week u-weekly, got recommendation for eateries in jb.....only this week copy....
5 Dec 2009
can go senibong......near permas jaya.....like kelong style...known for special nasi lemak berlauk...but they have seafood too...and its halal
8 Dec 2009
JuzChris Fm SporeBikes.com

1.restaurant 777
Location = tampoi/ tun aminah area
type = very big open space kopitiam style.
popular food = ikan bakar , claypot rice and maybe the Ye tze mei pau.

2. todak seafoo...
2 Jan 2010
My all time favourite: 新广东 near sentosa.

Must try:
- BBQ Crab
- Cheese Prawn
- Drunken Prawn
- Paper Wrapped Chicken

Very very good ! Superbly Yummy !!!
6 Jan 2010

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