We Spy: Volkswagen XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle

Pioneering construction techniques, an advanced plug-in hybrid drivetrain and innovative packaging all play a part in allowing the XL1 to return 313...

27 Jan 2011
edlaz Bo bian leh Char, the covered wheel arch is supposed to aid aerodynamics. I bet if they could cover the front wheels, they would have covered it too if not for the need to steer.
28 Jan 2011
hendyz that would be interesting to see
28 Jan 2011
Quaigon This reminds me of the old Citreons!
28 Jan 2011
Which MPV cars is the BEST in term of Safety, Comfort, Performance and Features?

17 Jan 2011
hendyz The VW Touran it's got gd performance and I think its gd value for money. Maybe for smth more powerful you cld go for a peugeot 5008
21 Jan 2011
WD45 Hi rahsmisham, I agree that the Touran and the 5008 are good choices. The older Ford S-max is a good MPV too. depends on your budget
24 Jan 2011
rashmisham I'm referring to used MPV car.. which is better continental car or asian car?
11 Aug 2017
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11 Apr 2018
Local News: COE For Feb 2011 to July 2011

The Certificates of Entitlement (COEs) quota for the period February 2011 to July 2011 will be 22,368.

The Certificates of Entitlement (COEs) quota for ...

21 Jan 2011
So is there a chance the prices will cool down further on Cat B?
21 Jan 2011
wilswong By the looks...it won't happen until cars from the 2007-2009 are either traded in or scrapped and the number of COE can then hit around the 60K-70K mark.
21 Jan 2011
Wombat_VC Perhaps the correction period should match the same number of years the error first started.
25 Jan 2011

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