Hi All. I am a newbie here.

23 Apr 2011
Evan Hi samTj, welcome to oneshift! enjoy your stay here.
27 Apr 2011
chendaniel Hi SamTj! Welcome
27 Apr 2011
Nosneb Welcome!
27 Apr 2011
nsm hey bro! whats your ride?
27 Apr 2011
Subaru Loves To Be In The Wet

Subaruís All-Wheel Drive Impreza is the hatchback to be in when bad weather strikes, according to handling tests carried out recently by MSN Cars.

Subaruís All-Whee...

29 Mar 2011
WindTurbine If only it looked better...
30 Mar 2011
nsm True miss the days when subaru used to rule the WRC.
31 Mar 2011
WindTurbine True, i also want a Safe ride home, but alot of cars can do that too... Moreover If I go home uninspired everyday, thats little difference from living dead, it will be really sad.

I rather be in...
1 Apr 2011
Twin test: Audi TT RS coupe (M) vs. Porsche Cayman S PDK (A)

With Porsche now under the arm of the Volkswagen Group, there's bound to be civil unrest between the Stuttgart brand and VW's Audi arm...

27 Feb 2011
nsm I prefer the audi, it looks better.
28 Feb 2011
edlaz The Cayman has lines taken straight from a 5 year old's sketch of what makes fast car. I think it looks awesome and timeless.
28 Feb 2011
Ford Unleashes New Wave of Vehicles & Technologies

The 81st Geneva Motor Show will be the stage for a series of major new vehicle and customer focused technology announcements by Ford.

The 81st ...

9 Feb 2011
WD45 Ford fights back! go USA!
10 Feb 2011
nsm bring back the cobra!
11 Feb 2011

Ad for the all new 2012 Beetle

7 Feb 2011
Evan superbowl ads are the best!
7 Feb 2011
nsm Wow the beetle has been around for a long time... is this a completely new design?
8 Feb 2011
nicnic the outline of the car at the end looks really diff from the current beetle
8 Feb 2011
Renault Introduces Motrio Tyres

Renault is continuing to help drive down the cost of motoring by introducing its own high-quality, low-price tyre brand, becoming the first vehicle manufacturer t...

28 Jan 2011
Quaigon Renault is now a tyre manufacturer?!
28 Jan 2011
nsm ...
28 Jan 2011
wilswong More like OEM from somewhere...so it begs the question who actually OEM to Renault?
29 Jan 2011
We Imagine: F1 Car 2020

Formula 1 car design will undergo more radical change in the next 10 years than in the last decade, according to the new F1 Racing magazine.

Formula 1 car design will und...

28 Jan 2011
nsm 1.6 seems a little... small.
28 Jan 2011
nicnic if they can make a 800bhp 1.6l engine... imagine what'd they cld do with a V12...
31 Jan 2011
Been reading alot bout electric cars and all new concept cars manufactures have come up with. Tesla's electric supercar looks cool, but do you guys really think electric cars will take off in singa...

27 Jan 2011
Nosneb I think its quite feasible. In fact i think this should be the place where they first launch/test it. Since in SG, we can find a "power plug" easily. No problems for charging. heh
27 Jan 2011
alastair true but ppl living in HDB estates might have a prob... if i live up high how'd i charge my car down low? unless the gov provides some kinda infrastructure
28 Jan 2011
nsm Haha the gov should also give price cuts to coe n erp for electric cars. Then this idea would take off for sure!
28 Jan 2011
Quaigon It will whe the govt supports it via major rebates and singaporeans must start to think greener and not thinking status needs for driving a coveted powerful petrol car.
28 Jan 2011

Cool drft battle between a corvette powered RX7 and a Kawasaki ZX10!

22 Jan 2011
iankan motorbikes? heh
23 Jan 2011
WD45 They don't make the RX7s no more...
24 Jan 2011
nicnic Yeah thats too bad... The RX8 just dosen't compare...
26 Jan 2011
Evan Those who watch Initial D (years before) will love the RX7 to bits. But the fact is it's so hard to maintain. It literally "drinks" engine oil!
26 Jan 2011
nsm can't really compare the RX 7 and 8. The 7 was built for speed but mazda introduced the 8 so that they had something more pratical for daily drivers
26 Jan 2011

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