TUMI Ducati Inspired Range of Luggage Bags

Tumi partners with Ducati to launch a new collection of bold, performance-driven travel and lifestyle accessories for Autumn 2011.

Tumi, the leading in...

15 May 2011
evozephyr Man the motoring world is colliding with every other industry. From fashion to luggage even yacht
16 May 2011
wilswong I welcome this trend as industrial design in the motoring world is vastly different from the fashion world, there are new elements to be exploited. I personally like the backpack.
18 May 2011
evozephyr True I guess we're going to see more n more collarborations between the two industries. But don't its right to slap a high premium onto a car just cause its a collarboration with a fashion giant.....
18 May 2011
evozephyr *don't think...
18 May 2011
wilswong Tumi are already a pretty high priced product (just visit them at their flag shop over at resorts world sentosa). As for pricing a car higher that because LV has designed it, I don't think it woul...
19 May 2011

Super funny spoof of the original ad!

26 Apr 2011
evozephyr Haha its a spoof on VW darth vader commercial! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R55e-uHQna0
27 Apr 2011
Evan hehe yeah, thanks for re-sharing!
27 Apr 2011
Citroen DS3 1.6 THP 150 (M)

The turbocharged Citroen DS3 shares its turbo engine with the Mini Cooper S. Raymond Lai finds out if its dynamics can match the British car's verve.

5 Feb 2011
WD45 SEAT is a brand not sold here in sg. http://www.seat.com
8 Feb 2011
evozephyr But manual gearbox only? Why not make a auto?
8 Feb 2011
edlaz Call me a Luddite but manuals ftw!
9 Feb 2011
Volkswagen Golf R is TopGear Hot Hatch of The Year

The Volkswagen Golf R has scooped the Hot Hatch of the Year honour at the TopGear Awards hosted by the TV show’s presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Ri...

1 Feb 2011
evozephyr Looks like vw is on a roll.
1 Feb 2011
denniszone83 VW is the in thing now!
1 Feb 2011
ifconfig nice...
1 Feb 2011
I know it's been a while but... Still can't get over the Sesto Elemento's looks!

This is what they mean when they say killer looks...

28 Jan 2011
evozephyr Wow this is one angry, evil looking car! I like.
28 Jan 2011
alastair likes this
28 Jan 2011
Quaigon Wow... if looks can literally kill, this is the one.
28 Jan 2011

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