Jaguar XKR-S 5.0 (A)

The XKR-S has the honour of being labeled as Jaguar’s most powerful road car ever. Raymond Lai checks out this rumbling speed cat.

22 May 2012
Anonymous hello
14 Feb 2014
Volvo S80 T4 1.6 (A)

Volvo further downsizes the S80 by introducing a new 1.6-litre T4 version. Is it an extreme case of downsizing or a masterstroke in exploiting the COE system?

17 May 2011
Anonymous I had my mew volvo S80 T4 on Dec.2012 & i was really happy with the experience till i faced an engine problem after 1 year of use with a 40,000 km where the agent had to change the whole engine wit...
2 Sep 2013
Jaguar XF 2.2D Premium Luxury (A)

The updated Jaguar XF range features a new entry-level diesel model. Can the new, fuel sipping 2.2D tempt Singaporeans out of their petrol powered executive salo...

22 Jan 2012
Anonymous The Best of beauties in all respect.
13 Mar 2013
Nissan Almera 1.5 (A)

The new Nissan Almera has quite big shoes to fill as it replaces two of Nissan’s most popular models – the Sunny and the Latio sedan. But far from being a staid and conventi...

18 Dec 2011
Anonymous This new Almera is really a very pleasant car to drive and be in. I wish I never bought my awful Proton Preve which is now a noisy rattler after just 4 months of driving. With my bonus year end, I...
20 Nov 2012
Anonymous We found the new Almera a very basic car. Comfortable it may be with room for 4 grown adults, but it feel unsafe when going over 100kph. It has one of the most mediocre cornering ability in the pri...
18 Jan 2013
Anonymous I have an Almera Nissan.

It is 4 months now and I like driving it to the shops and work but not for long distance. Wish I knew this shortcoming before getting this.

Another caution is the s...
12 Mar 2013
BMW X5 xDrive35i (A)

BMW has updated the X5 with new engines that are more powerful but yet more efficient.

20 Aug 2010
Anonymous An informative review of the BMW X5. One question if I may post one i.e. is it technically ok to not use the ran-flat tire of the X5. Car use primarily on-road only mode.Tks
26 Jan 2013
Mercedes-Benz E200 CGI BlueEfficiency

It may just be the “base” model, but the E200 shows that it is anything but. It’s got all the right ingredients and is our favourite 1.8-litre E-Class. ...

21 Nov 2009
TheWhiteCruizer Mr Toh, may I know where is that open-space area that you took photos of this new E200? Thks.
22 Nov 2009
pass09 Quote:
"Formerly posted by TheWhiteCruizer:
Mr Toh, may I know where is that open-space area that you took photos of this new E200? Thks. "

tested this MODERN and LATEST CGI model and the standa...
23 Nov 2009
Actually, Even though i am sure the New E class will be dynamically a good car, but Unfortunately, to me its an ungainly looking car. ESPECIALLY from the rear... I mean hey they do feel like the De...
24 Nov 2009
TheWhiteCruizer Everyone's taste and preference is different, bros. Being a older-minded individual, I like the new E-class design, despite of the squarish tail lamps. In fact, I like the squarish more than sharpi...
28 Dec 2009
jonleeck what does CGI stand for??
11 Jun 2010
edlaz If i'm not mistaken,

CGI is Merc's version of direct injection system on its petrol engines. Not sure what exact it stands for. The BLUEEFFICIENCY part is for its environmentally friendly tweaks...
11 Jun 2010
Anonymous CGI stands for Charged Gasoline Injection.
10 Jan 2013
Hyundai i40 wagon 2.0 (A)

The i40 wagon might be an even smaller car than the i45 saloon but it makes for an even more convincing car. Mark Yeo explains why.

20 Jan 2012
caddilacwong I have checked 2 other websites and found that oneshift is showing 1998cc for i40 while others are showing 1999cc. I think that i40 is not using the same Theta II engine as i45 and K5 with 1998cc b...
26 Jan 2012
Anonymous I am looking forward to the diesel model
3 Jan 2013
Twin test: Fiat Punto Evo Multi-air Dynamic 1.4 (M) vs. Volkswagen Polo Sport 1.2 TSI (A)

Can Fiat's updated Punto overcome the latest version of the supermini favourite from Volkswagen? We find ...

27 Aug 2010
edlaz The Polo's performance will fool you into thinking that it has a much bigger displacement than a meagre 1.2L. Very impressive.
30 Aug 2010
harrisshakes1477 To most people, I guess they wont see the difference visually, but the lower body and sporty 17" graphite grey alloys, along with the rear spoiler and chrome exhaust definitely set it apart for me....
26 May 2012
Anonymous Fiat Punto is much better car
4 Dec 2012
Local News: The 3rd gen Boxster has landed

A spectacular launch ceremony for the new Porsche Boxster today saw a helicopter landing on the Marina Barrage roof top after blowing the cover off the...

23 May 2012
Evan You have to just love the helicopter entrance.
24 May 2012
directasia The helicopter blew off the roof of the convertible? Nice stunt!
3 Dec 2012
Chery A3 5-door S-coupe 1.6 (M)

This A3 is far from polished when compared to its namesake from Ingolstadt but we'd have to give it credit for one of the best efforts yet from a Chinese manufactu...

15 Mar 2010
WD45 A3!? comon... they could've done better with the naming than just ripping it off the Audi. Pretty fresh looking exterior though....
15 Mar 2010
wilswong The price itself needs to be really aggressive. And honestly we do not have empirical evidence of how the engine has performed as it is too new. At least 5 years to determine longevity of the eng...
18 Mar 2010
italicist "The A3's styling is rather original in design". Really? The front end is a copy of the Hyundai i30. In fact this car looks very Korean.
28 Mar 2010
Goodcar In China, the new A3 comes with DVVT+VGIS
13 Aug 2010
Lron217 Chery J3 is simply an innovation of Proton Gen 2 in design with minor differences but still similar. Originality is not Chery's forte. More importantly, I hope Chery has improved its car handling a...
27 Oct 2012
Toyota 86 GS 2.0 (M)

A fun and dynamic car like the Toyota 86 needs to be driven with a manual gearbox, reckons Raymond Lai

6 Oct 2012
BMW 116i Urban 1.6 (A)

The 116i is the most affordable way to enter the motoring world of the Blue Propeller.

5 Oct 2012
Subaru at the Indonesia International Motor Show 2012

Subaru shows off its new wares, including the first ASEAN built XV at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) currently being held at t...

3 Oct 2012
First Impressions: Audi S6 4.0 TFSI quattro (A)

An executive car that will eat miles for breakfast – that’ll be the V8-powered Audi S6. Raymond Lai previews it in Munich, Germany before its arriv...

2 Oct 2012
Lexus RX450h Luxury 3.5 (A)

The range topping part electric Lexus RX gets a raft of improvements for its latest update. Joe Yeo checks out the new RX450h.

1 Oct 2012
Honda Odyssey 2.4 EXV (A)

You’d have to squint to tell that this is the new Odyssey on the outside, but as Raymond Lai discovers, Honda’s large MPV is as convincing as ever.

29 Sep 2012
Citroen DS4 1.6 THP 200 Manual

Citroen’s DS4 achieves its true potential in Manual transmission as Jonathan Tan found out.†

27 Sep 2012
raymondlai thx for pointing it out!
28 Sep 2012
Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TFSI (A)

The A6 Avant is not only more stylish than its saloon sibling but is also more practical and versatile as well, as Raymond Lai discovers.

22 Mar 2012
knighttony13 this audi which features sloping rear that together with the curvaceous roof is really an outstanding model from the car group. it is obvious that they have been focusing on their designs lately an...
28 Sep 2012
Volkswagen Beetle 1.2 TSI (A)

The iconic Beetle is reincarnated once again, this time with less flower power. Does the Bug still have that appeal? Raymond Lai finds out.

24 Jul 2012
JonathanTan Quote:
"Formerly posted by Anonymous: Love the interior, exterior looks a bit plain without the rear spoiler."

I guess when the VK Beetle Cabrio or 2.0L speedster makes its appearance, it'll be coo...
25 Jul 2012
WD45 The it's back campaign literally focused on the the new Beetle's backside. looks sleeker, more neat in my opinion.
25 Jul 2012
edlaz Every time a "contemporary" Beetle comes up as a topic, I am reminded of the scene from the movie Fight Club. Here is food for thought.

"During rehearsals, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton found out ...
5 Aug 2012
Franky No doubt that volks can make a good beetle car like this one, i read some good reviews about it and all of them are positive insights, for me i would also like to say some positive comments. I went...
25 Sep 2012
Audi Q3 2.0 TSI quattro 170 (A)

Audi downsizes the Q5 to give us a true competitor to the BMW X1. Raymond Lai tries the entry-level Q3 for size.

15 Sep 2012
JonathanTan Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for pointing that out.

We'd like to share that comparison of the Audi Q3 with the BMW X1 sdrive18i was based upon the sole road test had with an X1 model, which was...
17 Sep 2012
raymondlai thanks for pointing it out!
17 Sep 2012
Volkswagen Passat 1.4 TSI (A)

Volkswagen has achieved a masterstroke with the introduction of a new entry-level 1.4 TSI Passat variant, reckons Raymond Lai.

13 Sep 2012
BMW ActiveHybrid 5 3.0 (A)

BMW joins the hybrid executive saloon bandwagon with the ActiveHybrid 5. Joe Yeo checks out the part electric-powered 5 Series.

11 Sep 2012
Citroen DS5 THP 155 1.6 (A)

Citroen’s DS range expands to three models with the C5 based DS5. Raymond Lai finds out more about the new quirky French number.

8 Sep 2012
JonathanTan Hi guys, please pardon our writer's oversight with naming the platforms and thanks for pointing that out. Its been quite a weekend with a number of new car reviews posted for your reading pleasure....
10 Sep 2012
Lexus GS450h 3.5 (A)

Lexus gives the impressive new GS the hybrid treatment. Raymond Lai checks out the new GS450h if it is any of an improvement over its predecessor.

9 Sep 2012
Toyota 86 GS TRD Performance 2.0 (A)

The Toyota 86 is sold as a rather basic car so that owners can spend time and money modifying and doing uo to make it into an even more convincing sports car....

7 Sep 2012
Hyundai i30 1.6 (A)

With the new second-generation model, Hyundai’s i30 gets the ‘Fluidic Sculpture’ treatment as well as a whole raft of improvements. Raymond Lai checks out the new i30. ...

2 Sep 2012
Lexus RX350 F Sport 3.5 (A)

Lexus’s RX crossover SUV gets an update and refresh to keep it ahead of the competition. Raymond Lai samples the new RX350 in F Sport trim.

29 Aug 2012
Volkswagen CrossPolo 1.2 TSI (A)

Volkswagen adds some variety to the Polo range with the fashionable, crossover SUV inspired CrossPolo. Raymond Lai checks out the new supermini model.

26 Aug 2012
BMW M6 Convertible 4.4 (A)

The new topless M6 offers more power and performance than its V10 predecessor. Raymond Lai puts the new M6 Convertible through its paces.

25 Aug 2012
Audi R8 GT Spyder 5.2 FSI quattro (A)

Audi gives the pre-updated R8 a highly appropriate send-off with the limited edition, 560bhp R8 GT Spyder.

21 Aug 2012
edlaz Two stories, 1122 BHP and counting. VRRROOM
21 Aug 2012

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