Your license has class 2,
Your ride is Mazda 2,
Your Birthday is on 2-12,
You just passed the age that starts with 2...... kekekeke....

May you have a wonderful ...

1 Dec 2008
vinceyeo Quote:
"Formerly posted by CynD:
*grin* I actually read the $2 COE thread.. damn chim..
but I have to say, Stefano, great comeback! q:

whats happening tonight? sounds fun.. but its very very f...
5 Dec 2008
Hello all. Just wondering if any Malaysians here who recently did a license conversion to Singapore license. On the TP website says we need "an extract from Jabatan Pengangutan Jalan (JPJ) is compu...

19 Jul 2008
This is an open discussion for the news COE drops to Historic Low

"The days of cheap COE prices are back.

For the first time ever, Certificate of Entitlement (COE) price for small cars 1,600cc an...

19 Nov 2008

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17 Nov 2008
27 Feb 2009

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