Hyundai Reveals the Advante in Korea Prior to Official Sale

Hyundai Motor Company revealed its all-new Avante compact sedan, its best-selling model worldwide, before official sales begin in Korea...

1 Aug 2010
torrid94 Toyota and the other Japanese carmakers really need to wake up and get their asses moving..
1 Aug 2010
wilswong I have to agree with you. Their design getting a bit stale. Somehow the Jap concept cars are so beautiful but it failed to go to production. If the Porsche 918 is of any indication, the Japs should...
2 Aug 2010
Wombat_VC Problem is, back in their home land, they like square boxes.
2 Aug 2010
Nissan Announces Two World-First Steering and Braking Technologies

Nissan announced two world first technologies - "Electro-hydraulic Power Steering system" and "Electric Driven Intelligent Brake...

27 Jul 2010
torrid94 Nissan has been on the roll lately...
27 Jul 2010
edlaz Though Nissan says that the designs of the steering and braking mechanism have been simplified, I hope they've tested it rigorously. I hope there won't be another runaway car fiasco.
27 Jul 2010
First Peek: Nissan Quest

Photos of Next-Generation Nissan Minivan Now Available

Nissan North America, Inc. today provided an early look at the next generation Nissan Quest minivan. A limited ser...

15 Jul 2010
torrid94 Looks pretty good....but heck it would most probably never reach Singapore...
19 Jul 2010
First Look: Nissan Xtrail Update

Nissan Motor announced the release of the new revised X-TRAIL and the addition of a 6-speed automatic transmission model to the Clean Diesel "X-TRAIL 20GT."


17 Jul 2010
torrid94 They could at least make it look good...
19 Jul 2010
First Look: Peugeot 508

The Peugeot 508 introduces the Marque’s new design look which has evolved from the stylistic codes first unveiled on the SR1 Concept Car.

Combining both a stylish and str...

18 Jul 2010
torrid94 The front looks too much like an Audi...
19 Jul 2010
Wombat_VC C-pillar = BMW
21 Jul 2010
U.S.: New Suzuki Kizashi

Kizashi concept series culminates with world introduction of all-new Suzuki sport sedan.

American Suzuki Motor Corp. (ASMC) takes a bold step forward today. Known primar...

1 Aug 2009
Jarvis very impressively designed...the rear is so expressive and fluid...
1 Aug 2009
eugn86 erm, i feel the rear design is a bit messy and in-cohesive. lol... to each his own.
1 Aug 2009
wind79 The rear exhaust looks sleek!
1 Aug 2009
Yadi nice design wonder we will have it in singapore....the interior look too simple
2 Aug 2009
torrid94 Wonder how much it will cost..hmm??
2 Aug 2009
Wow! Nice car from Suzuki. Guess it's a whole new generation of designers!
4 Aug 2009
Nissan inaugurates new plant in St. Petersburg, Russia

Nissan expands Russian operations with local manufacturing.

Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn today joined more than 1000 guests and em...

3 Jun 2009
torrid94 Are they gonna make a new X-Trail??Its quite dated...
4 Jun 2009
UK: That's one Fast Cat!

Performance Jaguar XF in Police Pursuit!

Jaguar UK has launched a high performance Police pursuit vehicle based on its award-winning XF Diesel S model. The first ever Po...

1 Jun 2009
LMLP640 Too bad won't get to see something like that in Singapore
1 Jun 2009
torrid94 the Subie singapore has isn't that bad...
4 Jun 2009
SsangYong crossover makes European debut

SsangYong's C200 crossover made its European debut at the Barcelona.

"It's 90 per cent there," Paul Williams, head of SsangYong in the UK told headlineau...

8 May 2009
torrid94 looks too much like an audi??hmm...
18 May 2009
neutral But...why called it c200? Is it going to cause confusion with the Mercedes?
19 May 2009
The new Audi A3 Cabriolet arrives in Singapore

Open-top fun in the premium compact class.

Conceived as the prestige model in the compact class, the Audi A3 Cabriolet is poised to turn heads at t...

7 May 2009
gabrielqchan I've waited 9 months, it better be good! haha!
12 May 2009
torrid94 u gonna get it??
18 May 2009
Lexus cuts driver distraction with new Head-Up Display

Lexus targeted an advanced, yet user-friendly design for the cockpit of the new RX 450h with a focus on making key vehicle data and controls...

7 May 2009
torrid94 cool!!
18 May 2009
Road Test - Alfa Romeo MiTo Turbo 1.4 (M)

Alfa Romeo has been awfully quiet in the hatch segment, but with this new MiTo, they hope to return with a bang and capture the heart and soul of hot-hat...

18 Apr 2009
zinus Ahem, the Alfa RomeoMito derives it's mechanics from the Fiat Punto Grande, not the Fiat Bravo.
22 Apr 2009
zeenie It does have a bravo engine though. =)

Maybe i can go change some body panels and tah-dah! Alfa mito! Hahahaha
22 Apr 2009
azfar Last we checked with the local dealer, the MiTo shares its mechanics, engine particularly, with the Bravo.
23 Apr 2009
azfar After a detailed research and further clarification, it has finally been confirmed that the Alfa Romeo MiTo is, after all, based on the Fiat Grande Punto.

Thanks for pointing that out!
23 Apr 2009
torrid94 love instrument cluster!!
26 Apr 2009
kamenrider Test Drove just now at Seletar meet-up. Can felt the power!! Drove the auto version. solid build is what i can say.
11 Nov 2010
profkoh The multi-air thingy actually screwed up on me when i test drove it just now.. idle for 5 mins.. and it need a re-crank...
12 Nov 2010
This is an open discussion for the news UK: Charge of the hybrids

"In 1999, Honda only sold 340 of the original Insight hybrids. Honda isn't giving up however. With the new Insight, Honda plans ...

7 Apr 2009
psyiche For Sunny Singapore, it will be great if any of the manufacturers can bring in an electric hybrid that is not only has convenient charging system (eg portable batteries), but also solar panels to t...
7 Apr 2009
torrid94 the new 2009 prius has solar panels...
12 Apr 2009

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