First Look: 2010 Suzuki Swift

Suzuki announce the first images and preliminary information of the new, third generation Swift which goes on sale as a 3 and 5 door model in the UK in the Autumn.


13 Jun 2010
ifconfig many manufacturers are churning out 1.2l petrol rides; pressured for emission compliance ?
13 Jun 2010
kopi_bryant Awesome FC at 24km/l for 1200c engine..
13 Jun 2010
wilswong actually running a 1.2 in Singapore at around 95 horses to 100 horses is more than sufficient.
13 Jun 2010
Ferrari California (A)

The California is marketed as the Ferrari you can drive on a daily basis but we discover that it's still one red hot, chili padi, thoroughbred of a Prancing Horse

25 Feb 2010
WD45 Oneshift's first Ferrari supercar road test? Good work! Hope to see more of such tests.
26 Feb 2010
tien Do you need guest car tester? give me a call... hohoho

nice work, looking forward to read more articles on exotic cars!
26 Feb 2010
edlaz NAISE~
26 Feb 2010
kopi_bryant wow.. FC at 2km/L, whole tank gone for less than 150km journey
27 Feb 2010
Tech Special: Transmission types for dummies

Confused about the differences between Tiptronic, DSG, Selespeed, Speedshift, PDK and other transmission systems? Here is a dummies' guide

24 Nov 2009
kopi_bryant Hi Raymond, nice article. (Thumbs-up)

Seeking your permission if i can translate your article into chinese and post it in a chinese car forum.
1 Dec 2009
WSE Nice pictures but information feels lacking. Also I think more credit should be given to the real people who developed the transmissions.
7 Dec 2009
zeenie Fiat cars use a Duologic system that is similar to Alfa's Selespeed.

Pushing the gearstick forward is shift up and vice versa, sorry Char. I think Mitsi used to have it the other way for their ...
7 Dec 2009

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