The Art of the Steal - Gone In 10 Seconds

Move over, Nicholas Cage. 60 seconds is too old and too slow!

2 Nov 2015
Scott-Ducati anyone has lobang to install a kill switch?
8 Feb 2016
Esso launches improved petrol formulation in Singapore

Esso service stations in Singapore will be launching an improved petrol formulation with increased additive to help improve engine performan...

6 Jul 2015
JakeTheSnake This is interesting, thanks alot for psoting this. 
5 Sep 2015
Scott-Ducati they cut back on citi rebates.
12 Sep 2015
Daveyap Can we really take their word for it that their petrol is better than the rest of the competition based on empirical evidence alone without independent testing?

20 Dec 2015
Scott-Ducati Still prefer vpower though.
8 Feb 2016
SG: Stricter penalties for altered power-assisted bicycles

Power-assisted bicycles have become the go-to low-cost personal transport for many who commute short distances daily. With their increas...

17 Dec 2015
Scott-Ducati Seen them speeding really fast at night at times. In a small group all with LEDs lights.
7 Jan 2016
SG: Drastic drop in traffic violations

The LTA has been installing new traffic cameras at multiple locations on a regular basis, and it seems as though they are enough of a deterrent to potential...

17 Jul 2015
Scott-Ducati Since now the fines are reflected almost instantly back to their systems, they must have been reporting higher coffers
18 Jul 2015
Local News: COE Results for December Round 2

Certificates of Entitlement (COE) have closed higher in most categories following this round of bidding.

Category A (Cars under 1,600cc) segment COEs...

18 Dec 2013
Scott-Ducati waiting for cat c to drop a bit more so can change a new company vehicle
23 Dec 2013
UK: Celebrations at MINI Plant Oxford As Last Of The Current Generation Hatch Leaves Production

The last of the outgoing MINI Hatch drove off the production line at the Plant Oxford last week ...

2 Dec 2013
Scott-Ducati truly iconic ride
23 Dec 2013
For those making their way up to Malaysia this holiday weekend.

Woodlands Causeway Camera Feed

Tuas Camera Feed

6 Aug 2009
ztcc78 would be better if they can make it live video..
juz like the one in Wisma...
6 Aug 2009
Eber, you mean this camera we can see it have one motoring rite.....
9 Aug 2009
Scott-Ducati quite useful at times. but if u must go in and there's a jam, also gonna join the jam.
6 Nov 2012
Quite cool eh?? i think the video showed some blackberry models too?
What do you guys think, would you get it?

2 Nov 2012
Scott-Ducati keen to try it out.
6 Nov 2012

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