Hello, i am new here. This is the 1st time I am on the car forum. I am a female driver & I like to drive especially those with good pick up.
Just bought a 1.4 liter volkswagen scirocco. Just o...

22 Jun 2010
Traser Exactly, agreed! Still piss off now, can't do / say anything, he is my boss & I love my job now.
22 Jun 2010
edlaz The part that is really annoying is that he "spin" the car? I guess you're refering to a handbrake turn?

Doing that in a confined space is reckless and not to mention stupid; considering he has nev...
22 Jun 2010
kittymeow your boss is kinda rude...just drove without asking for your permission.

btw...welcome to oneshift....meow drives a VW too :p
22 Jun 2010
zeenie Welcome to oneshift!

I think for most people here in oneshift, we are passionate (or at least care) about our cars we wouldn't anyhowly let people drive our cars one.

Now that it has happen...
22 Jun 2010
Hi welcome to oneshift.

Reminds me of the time when I just bought mine and 1 specific Oneshifter here took the wheel and stalled the engine (because she forgot to release handbrake - manual car) dur...
22 Jun 2010
steven_VW Hi Traser,

Welcome to the Oneshift family, enjoy your stay and hope to see you soon.

Firstly, .... a brand new Scirocco.... droooooooooooooooool........ ok ok... my keyboard is flooded ....flash floo...
22 Jun 2010
Jostian Wah, I damn long never post already...hahahaha...But I felt the urge to post when I saw your subject on facebook hahahahha...

Yeah since your car is one of your most precious asset (or liability) du...
23 Jun 2010
ix0107 Hi Traser.

Congrats to your new car...

Please pardon me... I personally feel that it is very rude for your boss to do that to you. Well, as you mentioned, your boss mah... So no choice lor.....
24 Jun 2010
ryanp Hi Traser,

Your boss shouldnt have done that to you, I would be damn piss like you. Anyway is your boss changing a new car, maybe you can give him the same treatment :P

*Disclaimer - At your own risk...
24 Jun 2010
ix0107 Hahahaha... That's a good one.....
24 Jun 2010

My Wife Have Safely Given Birth To My Little Prince Adel Mika'il Weighing @ 3.26kg & Coming In To This World Like A Rock Star @ 1329 pm. LOL!

Anyway Congrats To All Of You As Well. You Are Uncles & ...

10 Jun 2010
edlaz Congrats haffisx on your newborn!
10 Jun 2010

Take good care Bro, have fun!!

10 Jun 2010
ztcc78 Congrats to U bro..
10 Jun 2010
Evan Wow, congratulations!
11 Jun 2010
vinceyeo grats bro! Gonna be busy busy huh!
12 Jun 2010
ix0107 Congratulations Bro Haffisx!!!
24 Jun 2010
fpchong Congra bro Haffisx...your prince look sweet and got a pair of pretty eyes....
28 Jun 2010

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