Road Test - Opel Vectra Sedan 1.8 MTA

"In the market for an executive sedan, but want to be the maverick one? Well, go take a look at the Opel Vectra then. You'll be surprised with what it can of...

12 Feb 2008
eugn86 The Opel Vectra seems to be under-rated in Singapore, probably because it's a continental brand. It looks handsome, is safe and is solidly-built. I love the clutchless manual, having tried it out i...
13 Feb 2008
Kangadrool Another German - VW Jetta 1.6A with DSG may be more attractive at abt 77K.
14 Feb 2008
ding1 The 1.6A Jetta has a 6-speed auto gearbox, not DSG. The DSG is only found on the 2 liter version at $120k. Also the Jetta's engine is only a SOHC 8-valve model with 102hp, which means the Vectra's...
16 Feb 2008
tomcat "The front has hints of the Porsche Boxster, while its rear is handsomely proportionate"

Oh pleaseeee .. give me a break.... it looks more like a bloody MK Geely for goodness sake ...
17 Feb 2008
cswitch11 GM has been considering reviving the Regal name for some time. The company is turning to its European division, Opel, to produce the Regal, a model currently Venom parts sold in China.
2 May 2012
Any suggestion for the above mentioned cars. Price almost same. New buyer with no knowledge of cars.

3 Jul 2007
I have tried caltex and SPC - 98. I found that the engine is more suitable for SPC 98 in term of FC and performance almost the same.
Anyone try shell or Mobil? How your performance and FC?
Pls ...

12 Mar 2007
Hi. i'm new here. Anyone wanna group purchase Avante to get better freebies?

So far i've test drive toyota Axio and the rest. When my friend introduce me to Avante, I would instancely told him t...

27 Feb 2007
Hello guys,

I am currently driving a Hyundai Accent 1.3M -2002 version.

Thinking of upgrading to higher cc car, cos car prices very cheap now mah..

What are your views on my shortlisted ca...

29 Jan 2007
joycelym Quote:
"Formerly posted by NothingToDo:
Joyce, is budget your concern?"

below $50K lor... I still need to settle my existing loan if I am selling my car
2 Feb 2007
NothingToDo Quote:
"Formerly posted by joycelym:
Hi guys,

Thanks for all the feedback!!!

Ok ok... now I am narrowing down to TOYOTA VIOS 1.5 Vs HONDA CITY i-Dsi 1.5. Both also 1.5 Manual, assemble in ...
2 Feb 2007
ifconfig get those china made ones... very affordable @ similar capacity. watchout for the invasion of these china mades into japanese dominant market.
3 Feb 2007
NothingToDo best to avoid at the moment. complains starting to surface liao. especially Geelys and QQs... u don't want to be caught also....

cheap car can nvr give good quality ones..... yi fen qian, yi fen...
5 Feb 2007
joycelym Hey... I saw someone's KIA Rio at the carpark looks so cool and sporty! Anyone has any comment about this car? FC & performance...

5 Feb 2007
sonicmood Hi Joyce,

I'm a happy owner of a 3yrs old Honda City I-DSI & I can tell you that the City(A) FC is 15km-16km/ltr.
No problem with the car, good leg room and flat floor make comfortable seating ...
5 Feb 2007
ding1 NothingToDo is right if you calculate the cost spread out over 10 years.

Quick recap:
City is about $4K more expensive than Vios.
City's FC is about 10% better than Vios.
= If you spend abo...
5 Feb 2007
Skye Well, you do get a roomier cabin and larger storage places too with the City. So think about whether you'd like that too when you decide whether it's worth the premium. And as always, do a test-dri...
5 Feb 2007
NothingToDo Joyce, ding1 cal is going into very detail and reflects the real and practical situation. Good to note if you are going to hang on the car for long or for short term, and FC, sell price, OMV at tha...
5 Feb 2007
joycelym Hi guys..

Wow... very informative details I am getting.. Thanks so much!

While I was having lunch at CCK Lot 1 yesterday, saw one Blue Honda City I-dsi parking at the car park lot.. look very...
6 Feb 2007
Dear all

I am buying my first car, and i reckon it to be a Toyota Auto Car.
Am 29 now.

1) May i know how much would my first year insurance be? Does it make a difference which insurer i bu...

5 Feb 2007

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