MediaCorp Subaru Challenge 2012 – The Asian Face-off

A winner! After 78 Hours and 30 Minutes

The MediaCorp Subaru Challenge 2012 – The Asian Face-Off came to a sensational close yesterday, with ...

31 Oct 2012
dicktronics I salute you Tholmas
31 Oct 2012
A matter of curiousity - would you be interested to earn money from allowing a company to advertise on your car? You would have their advert stuck onto your car for a set period of time, during whi...

30 Jan 2012
24 Feb 2012
Is it wise to switch to Honda 2009 1.8AT to 1.6AT 2012?

19 Jan 2012
Hi there

Im planning to visit singapore for a few days,
what are the best shops where i can purchase car accessories 
ex : HID lights , boost gauges etc for a reasonable price..

Thank you 

3 Jul 2011
tivrulez no oone?
4 Jul 2011
daeric_jr Hi there, have you checked out the Pitstop section in You can always give them a call for quotations and etc.
5 Jul 2011
tivrulez: You may wish to visit this as well
16 Aug 2011
are the ones you guys posted any good?
5 Oct 2011
Can anybody confirm wheather this car from agent provide full chrome handles or half chrome.
As I have collected it only half chrome!

28 Mar 2011
Sahai which car is it bro?
30 Mar 2011
dicktronics Honda civic fd 1.8AT
16 May 2011
Sahai Half only i think...
16 May 2011
dicktronics gets dented very easily!
16 May 2011
Sahai Haha yeah. hey there's a gd dent removal place at the viacom building in sin min dr. Think its called PDR. Maybe can fix your dents there
16 May 2011
dicktronics hv tried and worked.......referring to the one formerly at peninsula.
18 May 2011

16 May 2011
Evan yeah, kindness20 is a spambot, please ignore. Thanks for the headsup
16 May 2011
Local News: Dec COE Round 2 Results

Category A COEs dropped slightly while Category B continued their record-breaking surge.

It was a mixed bag of results for the final round of COE biddings for...

22 Dec 2010
WD45 oookkk... $70k for cat B.
22 Dec 2010
dicktronics no hope on my civic upgrade!
22 Dec 2010
iankan @dicktronics: you were hoping to upgrade to what ride? haha the Fluence is going at 1k off the listed price at least for Oneshift members!
22 Dec 2010
dicktronics SE mentioned on the last gathering...still waiting for my last bid.1.8 is my pref.
22 Dec 2010
wilswong I still remember when the Nissan March was 120K...and it is heading there right now.
22 Dec 2010
swordsman I don't remember how much a civic 1.8 cost a fortnight ago, but those who wanted to buy it have been "shortchanged" by those who are buying lexus, bmw, merc, lambo, ferrari... what is 70K to them, ...
22 Dec 2010
Wombat_VC Looks like Singaporeans' love for cars cannot be stopped by $$$ alone.
23 Dec 2010
Quaigon CatB still looks "reasonable"... the korean and china brands may face some challenges
30 Dec 2010
iankan I think most China brands are moving out of the market, Hafei isnt even around anymore is it lol
5 Jan 2011

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