Paris Motor Show: Audi Quattro Concept

The know-how and technologies of the quattro concept body will characterize Audi’s entire production model portfolio in the future.

The 1980 Geneva Motor S...

1 Oct 2010
Wombat_VC Looks a bit like the Lexus LFA.
4 Oct 2010
wilswong Seems like Audi has lost a bit of design touch and there is no significant changes in looks.....I personally think it looks the same as the R8.
7 Oct 2010
Mandor Looks a bit like a Camaro and/or *shivers* a Forte Koup.
7 Oct 2010
wilswong Mandor, the forte Koup IS designed by the ex-Audi designer hence the similarities. And Kia is doing good with its design by getting the right person.
8 Oct 2010

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