Renaultsport Megane RS 250 Cup (M)

This hot Frenchie is the last of the hot hatch releases for the year. The resident hot hatch freak finds out if this is finally the one hot enough for him.

9 Oct 2010
Javlim Hahas, @anon, I think it's not allowed for test drive for a reason. I've rewatched Fifth gear's take on the Roc, Megane RS, Ford Focus and the Boxster. The Megane thrashed both hatchbacks and was j...
12 Oct 2010
Evan Javlim, please do share the vid URL please!
12 Oct 2010

Here's the URL to the vid. The nimble Megane shocked even Tiff Needel.
12 Oct 2010
ifconfig i was in awe seeing this ride on sepang track recently. its mechanical lsd really live up to the name!
18 Oct 2010
chaselim It's a damn good car. Close to zero Understeer when pedal out from a 90 degree angle. It's well equipped with high-end supsension that when we were going over a mid-size hump at 80km/h, the feeli...
5 Sep 2011

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12 Oct 2010