First Look: Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder

For the tenacious, no road is impassable. Completely hand made in the UK, the latest model to be developed by the iconic supercar company boasts a 4.2 V8 engi...

4 Oct 2010
Javelin There's something very retro about this spyker.
5 Oct 2010
Evan Must be the matte aluminuim finish with the small twin "air vents" on the side.
5 Oct 2010
Paris Motor Show: Ford Focus ST

Ford delivers on promise to introduce a global performance version of the new Focus: next-generation 250PS Focus ST previewed at the Paris Motor Show

The exciting...

2 Oct 2010
Javelin How is the RS going to be positioned now with the new ST?
5 Oct 2010
edlaz Stuff the new ST with a bonkers engine and a good LSD and it's business as usual won't it? hahas
6 Oct 2010
Volvo City Safety receives Euro NCAP Advance rating

Volvo City Safety has received Euro NCAP Advance, an assessment rating for new and exceptional safety technology that was awarded for the first...

4 Oct 2010
Wombat_VC Perfect for those moments when the driver just fall asleep in heavy traffic.
4 Oct 2010
Javelin only if you fall asleep when the car travels below 30km/h hhaha
5 Oct 2010

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