Road Test - Alfa Romeo MiTo Turbo 1.4 (M)

Alfa Romeo has been awfully quiet in the hatch segment, but with this new MiTo, they hope to return with a bang and capture the heart and soul of hot-hat...

18 Apr 2009
zinus Ahem, the Alfa RomeoMito derives it's mechanics from the Fiat Punto Grande, not the Fiat Bravo.
22 Apr 2009
zeenie It does have a bravo engine though. =)

Maybe i can go change some body panels and tah-dah! Alfa mito! Hahahaha
22 Apr 2009
azfar Last we checked with the local dealer, the MiTo shares its mechanics, engine particularly, with the Bravo.
23 Apr 2009
azfar After a detailed research and further clarification, it has finally been confirmed that the Alfa Romeo MiTo is, after all, based on the Fiat Grande Punto.

Thanks for pointing that out!
23 Apr 2009
torrid94 love instrument cluster!!
26 Apr 2009
kamenrider Test Drove just now at Seletar meet-up. Can felt the power!! Drove the auto version. solid build is what i can say.
11 Nov 2010
profkoh The multi-air thingy actually screwed up on me when i test drove it just now.. idle for 5 mins.. and it need a re-crank...
12 Nov 2010

I am looking for a sporty car but not willing to spend more than $60k for a car; what do you guys think of the new Subaru Impreza 1.5R?

21 Oct 2007

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